Hamstring Stretch to Strengthen Muscles Alternative Medicine

7 Exercises for bedridden patients

The number of bedridden patients today is increasing with every …

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opioid addiction DIY Health Popular

The rising need of non-addictive pain medication

The rising need for non-addictive pain medication can be largely …

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Tooth extraction DIY Health Popular

Tooth extraction aftercare: Do’s and don’ts

Tooth extraction is sometimes unavoidable for adults. The reason could …

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alcohol DIY Health Popular

Latest study on no amount of alcohol is safe – do You need to worry?

Maybe it’s time for you to stop drinking those two …

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sudden change in handwriting an indication of mental illness DIY Health Popular

Is sudden change in handwriting an indication of mental illness?

  It should come as no surprise that handwriting changes …

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Complex PTSD DIY Health Popular

Strange mental disorders that most of don’t know about

Mental disorder also called as mental illness is particular physiological pattern which happens due to certain distress or tension that happens in an individual. it is not considered as normal development of human behavior or culture. Such disorder is sai

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collagen supplement Diet and Nutrition Guide

Benefits of taking collagen supplement

Today’s technology trend is directing people towards many anti-aging products, …

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traumatic brain injury DIY Health Popular

How to deal with pediatric traumatic brain injury?

Pediatric traumatic brain injury results out of a trauma involving …

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create diet plan for healthy skin and hair Diet and Nutrition Guide

A guide to create diet plan for healthy skin and hair

Healthy, glowing skin and soft, shiny, lustrous hair is what …

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qigong tai chi Alternative Medicine

8 Proven Health Benefits of qigong tai chi

The world right now is plagued with a variety of …

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avoid diarrhea in summer DIY Health Popular

9 strategies to avoid diarrhea in summer

Diarrhea can hit anybody at any point of time which is both embarrassing as well as painful. Especially during summers, one has to be extra cautious as in the scorching hot weather conditions diarrhea hits mainly infants, children and younger people as a

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healthy heart DIY Health Popular

8 – Popular myths about heart rate debunked

Before you know the myths about heart rate, you should …

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Smartphones linked to rising loneliness among teens DIY Health Popular

Smartphones linked to rising loneliness among teens

It is not surprising to see the present generation teens …

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cognitive DIY Health Popular

Foods that boost your brain’s cognitive abilities

As is rightly said, the human brain can be referred …

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healthy-diet-reduces-asthma Diet and Nutrition Guide

Do’s and Don’ts of how a healthy diet reduces asthma

People having asthma are always concerned about their diet. They …

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