opioid addiction DIY Health Popular

The rising need of non-addictive pain medication

The rising need for non-addictive pain medication can be largely …

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swollen toes DIY

How to get rid of swollen toes and fingers in winter

Winters can be rough on your skin. They are harsh …

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Treating drug resistant TB Diagnosis Guide

Newer approaches in Treating drug resistant TB

Multi drug-resistant tuberculosis or MDR – TB develops when tuberculosis …

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perky and firm breasts DIY Health Popular

Guide to get perky breast through exercise

In order to get beautiful, alluring and firm breasts, it is very important to work on your pectoral muscles which reside directly underneath the breasts.They lie behind the fatty or adipose tissue of your breast and are responsible for giving a boost to t

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collagen supplement Diet and Nutrition Guide

Benefits of taking collagen supplement

Today’s technology trend is directing people towards many anti-aging products, …

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successfully overcome muscle fatigue Diagnosis Guide

9 – Tips to successfully overcome muscle fatigue

After a heavy workout, muscle soreness is a common thing. …

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sickle-cell-anemia DIY Health Popular

How to treat sickle cell anemia using home remedies

Sickle cell anemia is a disease of genetic imbalance, and this disorder results in the production of abnormal hemoglobin in body. The red blood cells in our body are responsible for supplying oxygen throughout our body but in case of this disorder, the ox

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get rid of nausea naturally Diagnosis Guide

Some essential tips to get rid of nausea naturally

Nausea is something that is being experienced by almost every …

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make most out of antidepressants Diagnosis Guide

10 tips to make most out of antidepressants

In the US, more than 250 million prescriptions of antidepressants …

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Vitamin Code Women’s DIY Health Popular

21 Safest multivitamin supplements and foods

In order to function properly, a human body needs adequate amount of nutrients like a whole range of vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium and many other minerals on a daily basis. For meeting these requirements, we are supposed to eat a well balanced

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Stationary-Bikes-Recommendations-For-The-Year-2018. DIY Health Popular

Top 5 Stationary Bikes Recommendations For The Year 2018

Fitness freaks like to keep on checking out new fitness …

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healthy-diet-reduces-asthma Diet and Nutrition Guide

Do’s and Don’ts of how a healthy diet reduces asthma

People having asthma are always concerned about their diet. They …

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Importance of Zinc as We Age Diet and Nutrition Guide

Understanding the Importance of Zinc as We Age

The process of aging is an inevitable one. As we …

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Cardiac-Arrhythmia Diseases Guide

Cardiac Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The irregular beating of the heart or cardiac arrhythmia is …

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trigeminal-neuralgia DIY Health Popular

7 effective home remedies for trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia occurs due to the compression of the trigeminal nerve by a vein or an artery and results in sharp, shocking pain on usually one side of the face. Even though there is no known cure for this condition, conventional medical treatments

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