Best energy bars for diabetics Diet and Nutrition Guide

Best energy bars for diabetics and other natural foods

All human beings love snacking. The diabetics however need to be a little extra cautious while picking up a snack for themselves since they can not consume high sugar or high carb snack bars. These snacks bars can provide the body an instant energy boost

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diabetes Diagnosis Guide

Tips for managing diabetes during holiday season

In today’s busy schedule, we get quite less opportunity to …

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Calming-activities-for-students-with-ADHD Children's Health Guide

25 Calming activities to help students with ADHD

Behavioral therapy and calming activities can be more effective than …

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Prenatal Depression DIY Health Popular

Prenatal Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Becoming a parent is a great feeling, right from the …

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acupressure-massage-therapy Alternative Therapy

A beginner’s guide to acupressure massage therapy

Acupressure has been an important form of traditional Chinese medicine …

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Women's leg painful zone. DIY Health Popular

Yoga and Exercise with Knee Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Yoga poses are actually taken for the betterment of your mental and physical well being. The various yoga poses are immensely beneficial for an individual’s health. However, some yoga poses can be very hard on the body of an individual. Individuals with

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skin cancers DIY Health Popular

Can skin cancers lead to other cancers- The harsh reality that you need to know

Higher incidences of cancers other than the most commonly exhibited …

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advantages-of-HIIT DIY Health Popular

Scientifically proven advantages of HIIT over normal workout

HIIT or high-intensity interval training isn’t something new. If you …

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fight depression.j DIY Health Popular

9 Reiki routines to fight depression

Basically, depression is the state of being powerless, desperate and hopeless. It is a state in which a person feels dreadful to cope with his or her life. Some common symptoms of depression are increased need to sleep or insomnia, fatigue, unreasonable s

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folic acid tablets Diagnosis Guide

What is folate deficiency and how to treat it

Folate, is the vitamin B9, an essential vitamin needed by …

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weight loss DIY Health Popular

Rapid weight loss: Is it safe?

Losing weight is on the minds of most people, whether …

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successfully overcome muscle fatigue Diagnosis Guide

9 – Tips to successfully overcome muscle fatigue

After a heavy workout, muscle soreness is a common thing. …

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hyperthyroidism DIY Health Popular

Foods to avoid with hyperthyroidism and more

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the body secretes excessive amount of thyroid hormone. This problem is also called as overactive thyroid and it is a major cause of various problems like increased rate of metabolism, heart palpitations, insomnia, a

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challenging-time-of-pregnancy DIY Health Popular

Third trimester: The most challenging time of pregnancy

Knowing about the physical and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy helps you to become more aware of your body and its needs. It also assists you to remain calm if you understand that these changes are perfectly normal. Following the baby’s dev

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kidney DIY Health Popular

Your complete guide to improve kidney function naturally

Almost a tenth of global population is down with kidney …

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