infected mosquito bite Diagnosis Guide

Understanding infected mosquito bite symptoms and its effective management

All of us are sensitive to mosquito bites; but the …

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Hamstring Stretch to Strengthen Muscles Alternative Medicine

7 Exercises for bedridden patients

The number of bedridden patients today is increasing with every …

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acupressure-massage-therapy Alternative Therapy

A beginner’s guide to acupressure massage therapy

Acupressure has been an important form of traditional Chinese medicine …

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Chocolate-Meditation Alternative Therapy

Indulge In Chocolate Meditation To Turn Mindfulness Delicious

Who doesn’t like a bar of chocolate? What if, you …

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aromatherapy Alternative Therapy

10 Amazing health benefits of aromatherapy

In a world of lifestyle diseases any type of healing …

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Cardiac-Arrhythmia Diseases Guide

Cardiac Arrhythmia: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The irregular beating of the heart or cardiac arrhythmia is …

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Obsessive Compulsive Decorating Disorder DIY Health Popular

Obsessive Compulsive Decorating Disorder: Does it exist?

Are you obsessed with your home décor? Do you spend …

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better treatment for pain Alternative Medicine

Chiropractor vs. orthopedic services: Which is the better treatment for pain?

Pain caused by an injury or chronic condition makes life …

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Smartphones linked to rising loneliness among teens DIY Health Popular

Smartphones linked to rising loneliness among teens

It is not surprising to see the present generation teens …

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Taekwondo-Pelvic-Tilt DIY Health Popular

Taekwondo routines for women to strengthen the lower body

Lower body is always prone to injuries and muscle pulls. This part is worked out mostly. While walking or moving around, it is the lower portion of the body that gets involved mostly. It is also this portion that helps in balancing the entire body. Havi

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Bleeding-through-nose Children's Health Guide

How To Identify The Symptoms of Heat Stroke in Children

While heat waves are rising strong across the globe, officials …

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sudden change in handwriting an indication of mental illness DIY Health Popular

Is sudden change in handwriting an indication of mental illness?

  It should come as no surprise that handwriting changes …

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Diagnosis Guide

Iron deficiency (Anemia):  Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

World Health Organization has recently declared iron deficiency a global …

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infrequent urination DIY Health Popular

7 home remedies to treat infrequent urination

Infrequent urination is decrease in amount of urine passage. Although many of us have a tendency of ignoring this problem of passing less amount of urine passing from our body, is a very serious medical issue, as per the experts in this field. Urine is a

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diabetes Diagnosis Guide

Tips for managing diabetes during holiday season

In today’s busy schedule, we get quite less opportunity to …

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