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Strange mental disorders that most of don’t know about

Mental disorder also called as mental illness is particular physiological pattern which happens due to certain distress or tension that happens in an individual. it is not considered as normal development of human behavior or culture. Such disorder is sai

Complex PTSD

Executive function disorder: Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Executive function pertains to our brain and its ability to analyze, plan, organize, schedule and accomplish tasks. When the brain fails to perform the above operations owing to some damage or underdevelopment, the person suffers from executive function disorder (EFD).

Executive function disorder

9 Reiki routines to fight depression

Basically, depression is the state of being powerless, desperate and hopeless. It is a state in which a person feels dreadful to cope with his or her life. Some common symptoms of depression are increased need to sleep or insomnia, fatigue, unreasonable s

fight depression.j
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