Women’s Health

Taekwondo routines for women to strengthen the lower body

Lower body is always prone to injuries and muscle pulls. This part is worked out mostly. While walking or moving around, it is the lower portion of the body that gets involved mostly. It is also this portion that helps in balancing the entire body. Havi


Guide to get perky breast through exercise

In order to get beautiful, alluring and firm breasts, it is very important to work on your pectoral muscles which reside directly underneath the breasts.They lie behind the fatty or adipose tissue of your breast and are responsible for giving a boost to t

perky and firm breasts

Yoga asanas in times of excessive bleeding in menstruation

For many women around the world, menstrual cycle or periods as is commonly referred to the process is a painful experience which they had to bear every month. Some women may be lucky to escape the pain but a large number of women are victims of the excruc


Third trimester: The most challenging time of pregnancy

Knowing about the physical and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy helps you to become more aware of your body and its needs. It also assists you to remain calm if you understand that these changes are perfectly normal. Following the baby’s dev

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