7 Tips pregnant women must follow

Gestational Diabetes occurs in pregnant women

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman, when she is overwhelmed with incomparable emotions. But she also has many questions regarding the “new” lifestyle.

What can a pregnant woman do, and what ideas is better to refuse, says Valeriya Datsenko , obstetrician-gynecologist at ISIDA Clinic.

1. Get moving!

Swimming helps to strengthen the musclesPregnancy is not a disease.Therefore, it is not necessary to sit locked up for nine months. Hiking in the fresh air will benefit both mom and baby.

You can also visit the pool during pregnancy. Swimming helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, relieves the lower back, improves blood circulation.

If you were actively involved in sports before pregnancy, you will have to give up heavy physical exertion. But no one canceled the charge.

Only women with a risk of miscarriage are forced to limit themselves in movement.

2. Turn off doctor mode

vitamins for expectant mothersDuring pregnancy, every woman wants to take care of her baby. And the obsessive advertising continually reminds: “Have you already purchased our incredibly useful vitamins for expectant mothers?”

Now we will disappoint you, but multivitamin complexes do not have evidence. This means that their benefits have not been proven. During pregnancy, it is really necessary to take only folic acid and iodine. All other vitamins and minerals before pregnancy, as well as during gestation, can be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor. Therefore, do not engage in self-hypnosis and self-medication.

3. Review your diet, but don’t eat for two

Review your dietThere is an opinion that a pregnant woman should eat for two. In fact, there is no need for this. The amount of food consumed can be increased in the second and third trimester, but this does not mean that it is necessary to overeat sandwiches with sausage.

During pregnancy, we recommend eating more greens, fresh vegetables, fruits containing fiber, and dried fruits. It is better to refuse fast food, cakes, fatty and fried foods (or reduce their consumption).

4. Do not be afraid to drink water

Do not be afraid to drink waterDuring pregnancy, many women are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as swelling. For this reason, some of them reduce the amount of water drunk per day.

In fact, if you do not drink water, the swelling will not disappear, but dehydration will appear.

Edema occurs due to the fact that the baby is actively growing – amniotic fluid is formed, the blood volume of a pregnant woman increases. For this reason, excess fluid accumulates in the tissues, and then severe swelling occurs. Often this is facilitated by magnesium, which during pregnancy accumulates in the soft tissues and blood. And he has the ability to attract water.

If the swelling is large, you can wear compression underwear or engage in moderate physical activity.

5. Drink coffee to your health!

caffeineThe American College of Obstetrician-Gynecologists allows pregnant women to consume up to 200 mg of caffeine every day. 200 mg of caffeine is 2-3 cups of coffee.

Also, remember that caffeine is not just found in coffee. It is present in dark chocolate, tea, chocolate butter, sweets, some types of ice cream.

Separately, I want to note that caffeine is not the cause of miscarriages and premature births. Therefore, do not limit yourself to this drink.

6. Do not be afraid to go to the dentist if there is a need

go to the dentistOf course, ideally, visiting a dentist is necessary before the conception of a child. But if it so happened that you did not have time to do this, you do not need to endure a sudden toothache. There are special pain medications that are allowed to be used during pregnancy.

It will not be superfluous to visit the dentist once a trimester for preventive purposes. Sometimes during pregnancy, gingivitis develops (gum disease), which gives the expectant mother a lot of trouble when brushing her teeth.

And remember that a bad tooth can become a source of infection for the whole body. So, if you have any problems regarding this, you get a checkup ISIDA Care or your nearest hosptial.

7. Not a foot to the beautician?

makeupDuring the period of bearing a child, a woman has the right to be well-groomed and beautiful. Therefore, she can use makeup and visit a beautician. However, there are procedures that are prohibited during pregnancy. Here are some of them:

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Median and deep (chemical) peeling
  • Hardware massage
  • Injections of Botox, hyaluronic acid, hormonal drugs;
  • Whitening procedures, etc.

Also, during this period, I recommend using cosmetics with the most simple and natural composition. Avoid cosmetics with retinoids, salicylic acid, hydroquinone (whitens the skin), algae, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

In order to avoid stretch marks, it is recommended to regularly use natural oils.

Also do not forget that during pregnancy it is very important to remain calm. Therefore, try not to focus on bad news or events. If you have any doubts regarding it, you can check FAQs at ISIDA Care.

Take care of yourself and your kids!

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