Yoga asanas in times of excessive bleeding in menstruation


For many women around the world, menstrual cycle or periods as is commonly referred to the process is a painful experience which they had to bear every month. Some women may be lucky to escape the pain but a large number of women are victims of the excruciating pain. Excessive bleeding in menstruation is another problem which many women have to face. This leads to discomfort in the women. The pain accompanied with the heavy bleeding can disturb the normal work of the woman. Yoga asanas can be very helpful in dealing with this problem. The various asanas help the women in concentrating on the emotional disturbances that are accompanied with the menstrual cycle. It also helps in gaining inner strength. Therefore, having in-depth knowledge about the asanas that an individual should perform during excessive bleeding in menstruation is helpful for the well being of the individual.

Excessive bleeding in menstruation equals to painful menstrual cramps. These cramps can turn so gut-wrenching that they begin to hinder our day-to-day routine. It is highly crucial to treat them as soon and as easily as possible. Along with the yoga asanas to practice during menstruation, this article also contains DIY remedies to treat menstrual cramps. Check out in the latter section of the article.


PadmasanaThis exercise is extremely beneficial for women who experience excessive bleeding during their menstrual cycle. For doing this asana, the individual would have to sit on the ground and have to spread the legs forward. Next, the right foot should be placed on the left thigh and the left leg on the right thigh. The individual should next place the hands on the knee joints. The individual should ensure that her body, back, and the head is kept straight and the eyes are kept closed. This asana helps in improving the concentration of the person. It also helps many women in preventing abdominal diseases and also helps them to get rid of the excessive bleeding during their monthly cycles.

Baddha konaasana

Practicing this asana is immensely helpful for women in getting rid of menstrual discomfort and also soothes the pain resulting from excessive bleeding. For doing this asana, the individual needs to sit with their legs stretched in front of them. If the groins or hips are tight then the individual should sit with the raised pelvis. The individual should then bend in the knees and pull the heels of the feet towards the pelvis. Then the knees should be dropped down to either side and the base of the feet should be pressed together.

The big toe of each foot of the individual should be held by the first and second finger and the thumb. The outer edges of the feet should be kept firmly on the floor. The individual should never force her knees down. Instead, she should release the thighbones on the floor and thereby the knees will follow the actions.

Matsyasana – one of the best yoga asanas to reduce excessive bleeding in menstruation

MatsyasanaFor doing this posture, the individual should lie on her back. The hands should be kept by the side of the body in a straight manner and the feet should be kept together. Next, the palms should be made to face downwards and placed beneath the body. Pressing down on the elbows, the individual should try to make her body into an arch. The head should be dropped back so that the head touches the ground. The weight of the body should rest on the elbows. Inhale deeply while in this position. For coming out of the pose, the individual should lift his head and place it gently down and they should release the arms. This posture will help in getting relief from the back pain that is often accompanied during the menstrual cycle.


This is one of the meditative postures that many yoga teachers teach individuals. For doing this asana, the individual should stretch out both her legs together. The hands should rest by the side of the body, with the palms facing downwards and the fingers pointing forward. Next, one leg should be folded and put against the joint of the other leg’s thigh. Continue the same thing with the other leg. Then the person should put the hands on the knees in jnana mudra. After holding the position for some time, the individual should relax by moving the right leg first. Then the left leg should be stretched out and both of them should be kept stretched.

Ardha chandrasana

Ardha-chandrasanaFor beginners, one can stand beside a wall and do this pose. Standing a couple of inches from the wall is a good option. This will help the individual from falling and will help in gaining balance. As the individual will open the leg and raise it towards the wall, this will act as a balance for the individual. This asana is not only good for the uterus but is also helpful in strengthening the calf and hip muscles.


This asana has beneficial effects on the livers, kidneys and especially the uterus. This asana is, therefore, a must for women as they help in easing the menstrual discomfort. For doing this asana, the individual must sit with her legs stretched in front of her. Exhale and then bend forward and try to reach the feet. The individual should never bend her knees for touching the feet. If any individual feels a slight constriction during bending, she should straighten herself and again try to touch the feet. The individual should hold on to the pose for some time before returning to the normal position. Beginners may not be able to reach the feet at the first attempt. They should not overexert themselves as that may increase the excessive bleeding in menstruation.


gomukhasanaFor doing this asana, the individual should sit on the floor with her legs stretched out. Next, the individual should fold the left leg and bring the foot under the right hip. Similarly, the individual should fold the right leg and bring the foot under the left hip. Both the soles of the feet should be facing upwards. The next step involves raising the right hand and bending it to bring it behind the shoulder. The same should be done with the left hand and the fingers should be entwined. The spine of the individual should be kept straight. This posture should be held for thirty seconds before trying this on the other leg. This asana helps in getting rid of pain caused due to excessive bleeding in menstruation.

DIY Remedies That Help Ease Menstrual Pain And Cramps

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that is very important in a woman’s life. However, the discomfort it brings along every month makes it one of the most annoying occurrences that females have to deal with.

As the menstrual cycle is highly individual, it is not as stressful and discomforting for every woman. But for some, those daunting five days pass in pain and while experiencing horrible menstrual cramps. If you are one of such not so lucky women in context to periods, you can try out the following DIY remedies that have the potential to curb the menstrual discomfort.

Massage and hot bath

Ill women lying on the sofa

The better the blood flow and circulation is to the uterus, the lesser the menstrual discomfort is. Massaging the lower abdomen area with a hot water bottle or a heating pad enhances blood circulation and reduces menstrual cramps and pain. Another effective remedy is to enjoy a hot bath that relieves menstrual pain. You could also massage the painful area with cream and oils that have deep heating action.

Coriander seed drink

Coriander seeds in mortar on wooden surface with copy spaceOut of the various health-promoting properties of coriander seeds, relieving menstrual pain is one. Boil water and add a teaspoon of coriander seeds in it. Strain and add a tablespoon of honey in it. Have this drink twice a day to get rid of the pain and cramps that literally take a toll on a woman’s activity.

Ginger tea

Ginger – The root (1)

Ginger is recognized as a wonder herb when it comes to being used as a remedy for curbing menstrual discomfort. By lowering the levels of Prostaglandin, the pain-causing chemical, ginger reduces pain and the fatigue associated with the irregularity of the monthly cycle. Ginger tea is the DIY remedy that you can easily make. You simply need to boil a piece of ginger in water for some time. After straining it, you can add some honey and lemon and have it twice or three times a day in small quantity.


aerobicsMany of you might find this remedy a bit absurd, especially those of you who find it difficult to move while on periods. However, it is proven that brisk walking and any type of light physical activity reduces menstrual pain.

Physical activity pumps more blood that enhances the release of endorphins. They help reduce prostaglandins, which eventually reduces menstrual pain and cramps. Therefore, try to walk and do any type of simple aerobic exercise to ease discomfort.

Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea has been there in use for times immemorial, as people have used it to cure a number of illnesses. Women consider it as a wonder tea that helps them deal with menstrual woes. Right from the pain, menstrual cramps, bloating to irregular periods, the tea cures it all. To make raspberry leaf tea, you need to chop fresh leaves and add them to boiling water. Let the leaves boil for a while and then strain the tea into a cup. Have this wondrous tea twice a day to experience its incredible effects.


Ripe papaya, slices with seeds and green leaf

Soothing uterine walls is the best way to ease muscle contractions and to reduce discomfort related to periods. Papaya is known to do the same in the best ways possible. Rich in nutrients like iron, calcium, carotene and vitamins A and C, and being an anti-inflammatory agent, papaya minimizes and eliminates menstrual pain.

Basil leaves

Variation of herbs from garden

Basil leaves are one of the best home remedies that you can try to get rid of menstrual problems. You can have these leaves raw, can add them to your tea or can have them as a spice in your food. Its intake reduces pain and keeps menstrual cramps at bay. 

Menstrual cramps and pain are troublesome but you can try some DIY home remedies that effectively reduce discomfort.

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