Top five health help apps

As the ‘do it yourself’ mantra picks up its pace,
many health help apps are now available for you. They have made it easier to be
in control of your own health; something that you have always wished for. If
healthy living tops your priority list, you

DIY is the future

While suffering from an ailment, you might have secretly wished that you could find what your suffering is and the cause of it. Not only this, taking a step ahead you might have wondered to know the way in which it can be cured and ways to prevent it from

Best weight loss strategies

In order to lose weight, people starve themselves to death, eat only a tomato for a meal, drink honey and lemon to lose weight, take to fad diets, consume weight loss pills or crash diet. This results in either being hospitalized or makes us victims of bu

Myths about schizophrenia

A patient suffering from schizophrenia may lack proper emotional responses. The condition leads to disintegration of the thought process. Mentioned ahead are the popular myths about schizophrenia.

Ways to deal with a child with ADD/ADHD

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) need special strategies to carry on with normal, day to day activities. But, which of these strategies really work? Here are our top strategies to

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