Top five health help apps

As the ‘do it yourself’ mantra picks up its pace, many health help apps are now available for you. They have made it easier to be in control of your own health; something that you have always wished for. If healthy living tops your priority list, you should surely use these health apps.

Some of the healthy living apps that you can use are:

· Health Tap Express – This app can be used as a helpline at any time of the day. If there is any medical problem and you need advice, all you have to do is just type in the question and the doctor will respond to your query. This app can also provide with the necessary medical information and the details regarding the local healthcare providers for you to plan a visit.


· Zoc Doc – You might have faced a great deal of problems in planning a visit to your doctor. The Zoc Doc app is specially designed keeping in mind the hassles faced by the patients in scheduling a doctor’s appointment. It also provides reviews of local medical professionals and makes planning a visit very easy.

· Skin scan – Scanning your skin was never so easy. With this app you can upload the images of your moles and get your risk assessed. This app can provide you with a basic assessment of your skin; the risk related to skin disorders and let you know if the skin lesions can be harmful to you.


· Jet Lag Rx – This app will make sure that you are no longer afraid of the jetlag and will want to travel and work more without any difficulty. You need to enter the details of your travel and the app will help you by charting out a program for you. It will give you a plan including when you need to eat, sleep, or stay awake and help you from avoiding jet lag.

· My quit coach – This app is for smokers who have become more conscious of their health and wish to quit smoking. This app helps by providing inspiration and maintains progress over a personal chart towards the goal of quit smoking.

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