Top five running apps

Fitness is the latest fashion that you would surely want to stick to. Fitness is not only a craze but is also necessary to maintain good health. Being fit is to remain healthy, free of illness and within accepted limits of weight and fat percentage. Another biggest advantage is that being fit makes you feel good about yourself and evidently decreases your stress levels too.

While there are various ways of being fit, running seems to be the simplest of all. However, it is important that you are medically well to perform running as a fitness choice. Most of the times, youngsters prefer running and perform exercises in addition to it.


Running apps

While running is so much on the go, something that can help you is the running mobile apps. These apps are simple and easy to download and can be used to plan your running routine. Some of these apps are:

· Runkeeper – This app helps to track your fitness activities and provide you with results that you can compare. It lets you track your distance travelled, the time taken along with the amount of calories burnt and also shows you the path travelled. This information can also be matched with the website and shared with your friends.

· Runmeter – This is an iphone app that can be used to track your running or cycling activities and view your progress on the charts displayed. It allows you to monitor your progress and gives voice alerts at intervals. You can also share your latest workout records with your friends.


· Runtastic – This app is another wonderful tool that lets you measure your progress of running and fitness activities by comparing your results in the past. You can record the time, distance, calories burnt and compare it what you have performed before. This can give you a fair idea of your status and you can modify your fitness routine accordingly.

· IMapmy – This app can be used on smart phones that let you track all your fitness and running records with all the details and save it. The records can also be viewed and maintained on the website.

· Zombies – This app is more of a game that you will enjoy and keep running to save yourself from the zombies. While the zombies are chasing you in the game, you have to save yourself by running in real. It is a thrilling experience and what more do you want when a zombie game lets you maintain your fitness.

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