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How to exercise when you have ankylosing spondylitis

Doing physical exercise during the active inflammatory state of ankylosing spondylitis aggravates pain and discomfort in your body. Moderate to high intensity exercises affect the vertebras and lay more demand on the muscles around the spine. The bones of


Yoga and Exercise with Knee Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Yoga poses are actually taken for the betterment of your mental and physical well being. The various yoga poses are immensely beneficial for an individual’s health. However, some yoga poses can be very hard on the body of an individual. Individuals with

Women's leg painful zone.

Foods you should avoid with bone cancer to prevent complications

Bone cancer is a metastatic disease affecting any bone in the body. There are two types of bone cancers referred to as multiple myeloma and bone sarcomas. Bone sarcomas occur more frequently amongst people between the age group of 10-20 years. The most co

suffering from bone cancer

Exercise do’s and don’ts when you have lower back pain

Back pain, and especially lower back pain is one of the most common kind of pains experienced by the general population, covering a staggering 80% according to some research. Apart from being a common ailment, it is also one of the most confusing one as o

lower back pain

14 Precautions you must take after hernia surgery

Hernia is generally an effect of intense physical exertion and the chances of ailing from hernia largely depend on genetics. It is a condition when a specific organ pushes through a muscle wall or any membrane inside a human body and is treated via surgic

after undergoing an hernia surgery

9 strategies to avoid diarrhea in summer

Diarrhea can hit anybody at any point of time which is both embarrassing as well as painful. Especially during summers, one has to be extra cautious as in the scorching hot weather conditions diarrhea hits mainly infants, children and younger people as a

avoid diarrhea in summer

6 tips to stop ring worm fungus from spreading

Tinea, popularly known as ringworm, is an easily transmitted fungal infection, It normally start with scaly red round acne on the skin. These fungal infections get the name from the areas infected , though no worm is implicated. The virus habitually s

stop ring worm fungus

Suffering from tennis elbow? Then avoid these exercises

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondilytis, is a result of repetitive stress injury, very strong gripping movements, squeezing objects harshly or heavy lifting and is featured and recognized by severe inflammatory conditions of tendons in the elbow

Suffering from tennis elbow

Foods to avoid in case of upper respiratory infections

Upper respiratory infections, caused by nutritional stress, can be a menace in themselves, and with an improper diet these may become even more irksome. Hence, it is very important to avoid certain foods during this period, such as alcoholic and caffeinat

upper respiratory infections
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