6 tips to stop ring worm fungus from spreading

stop ring worm fungus

Tinea, popularly known as ringworm, is an easily transmitted fungal infection, It normally starts with scaly red round acne on the skin. These fungal infections get the name from the areas infected, though no worm is implicated. The virus habitually spread from one area of the body to others which include scalp, nails, palm, and feet. Normally the infection doesn’t cause any additional impediments. If neglected, it may further lead to bacterial infection beneath the skin and may even infect the bones. These problems are more prevalent among diabetic patients and senior citizens. Given below are a few steps to prevent the ring worm fungus infection from spreading.

Evade contact to stop ring worm fungus from spreading

stop ring worm fungusKeep away from the people infected with ringworm. Be careful to see that there are no skin scrapes so as to avoid the germs entering the unaffected regions. A person or an animal affected with the infection can easily transmit the germs into your skin. If you have any other skin related problem like athlete’s foot treat the same, so as to prevent ringworm to spread to other areas. Avoid scratching your infected skin, as the skin tends to break thus giving rise for other infections. Moreover, the skin around your fingers is more likely to be infected. If anyone from the family has ringworm, see that the other members of the family ensure that they don’t have the signs of infection. If required, get them treated immediately. Avoid going to swimming pools to stop the spread of the infection.

Rinse your hands often

Clean your hands thoroughly, after using the washroom. Use a good disinfectant hand wash to clean your hands and dry them perfectly. All the family members should strictly constrict themselves to the habit of personal hygiene and wash their hands recurrently with a good antibiotic hand wash. Use throwaway razors for shaving and continue to do so till the infection vanishes. Otherwise, the chances of spreading the infection further are more. Always cover the affected parts with a bandage to prevent the leak of germs from spreading. Wash hands thoroughly with antiseptic hand wash after dressing your infected parts. Use disinfectant foot powder which facilitates the feet from rubbing against your footwear, to prevent an eruption. This will give rise for further infection.

Keep yourself dry

Keep yourself dryKeep your body dry and fresh, after taking a bath and even from sweat. Use good talcum powder to keep yourself dry. Desiccate your body scrupulously as wet areas establish the growth of fungus. It is recommended to cover the infected parts of your body with a bandage or a plaster. This prevents the infection to spread further. You can apply natural elements like papaya paste, mustard seeds paste, cream made of marigold flowers. Use herbal products like lavender or tea tree oil. If children are infected with ringworm, better cover the contaminated parts, so as to prevent them from scratching and further spreading the infection. Don’t restrict your children from attending the school if at all they are infected. Instead, follow the necessary steps to avoid the spread of the infection to others. Cover the affected parts with a clean bandage and follow medication if required.

Keep your house clean

Keep your house clean from dust and moisture. Especially the corners where the chances of dust and cobwebs collect should be taken care of. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofas, carpets, curtains. Swab bathroom facades every day, including the faucet handles, toilet and the nearby areas with sanitary cleaner, to prevent ringworm from assembling with other germs. Spray a leave-on cleaner in the wash tub after use. Sweep or vacuum passage areas daily especially at the entry of your residence. Clean any trickles on the floor, the instant it happens. Mop kitchen and bathroom flooring. Leave unclean clothes in an impede, the moment you take your clothes off. Do the dishware daily. Clean the kitchen, sink and stove with good antifungal cleaner. Clean the table instantly subsequent to consumption, dispose of trash and put away snippets.

Maintain personal hygiene

Maintain personal hygiene

Ring worm fungus is often apparent on personal items such as toothbrushes, combs, towels, and clothes. Try to use your own things. Wear clean dry clothes. Do not use the lingerie that is very tight. Change your clothes daily and see that they are being cleaned properly to avoid infections. Prefer wearing cotton and use good antiseptic and anti-allergic herbal products. to prevent the spread of ringworm. A person infected with ringworm on the scalp should take head bath thrice in a week by using a good antibacterial shampoo. Shear your underarms and legs, since odor get trapped in the hair, and paves way for infections. Get your toenails and fingernails cut. Children with ringworm on their scalp should avoid sharing their hats, combs, and clothes or other play items. To prevent them from receiving the contagion, after healing, wash their personal items with a good antifungal solution.

Take care of your pets

Inspect your pet animals for patches and loss of hair. For pets, ringworm normally shows on their ears, making them lose their fur and when you come into contact with infected pets, ringworm spreads rapidly. Ringworm is a fungus that keeps on the slump fur and can contaminate fresh animals and people. Your vet will suggest relevant treatments for the signs. Normally, skin medication will treat ringworm within a month. However, if the infection is vigorous and when it does not get cured of self-care, go for antifungal medicines.

Contact your family doctor, if you notice signs of ring worm fungus which include red patches, itching sensation, pus, fever and severe loss of hair. You can improve resistance with healthy diet habits which include lots of green vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You may also use multivitamin supplements. Or you can apply apple cider vinegar, neem oil, garlic oil, and oregano oil to get relief from the infection.

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