Guide to get perky breast through exercise

perky and firm breasts

In order to get beautiful, alluring and firm breasts, it is very important to work on your pectoral muscles which reside directly underneath the breasts. They lie behind the fatty or adipose tissue of your breast and are responsible for giving a boost to the shape and size of your most prized possession. By working on these muscles in an attempt to strengthen, tone and build them, you can fulfill your aspiration of having bigger, firmer and more shapely looking bust. However, there are certainly other factors as well that govern the size of breasts, like your genetics, body weight, age, and health, but it would not be untrue to say that a lot can be altered and reframed towards attaining a stunning bustline, by following certain simple exercises for perky and firm breasts and doing them consistently on a regular basis.

Best exercises for perky and firm breasts

1. Modified push ups

Modified push upsA modified push up gives a lift to your pectoral muscles by working on them, which in turn assist in increasing the perkiness of your breasts. With a little variation in the standard push ups, this exercise can be done by lying on the abdomen, bending your knees and bringing your ankles to a crossed position. Now, bending your elbows, position your palms on the ground a little on to the side so that they lie in front of your shoulders.

Next, straighten your arms and try lifting your body so that your body balance falls on your palms and knees. Your chin should be tucked a few inches towards your chest so that your forehead is facing the floor and your abdomen remains tightened. Once you have attained this posture, the next step is to bend your elbows and drop your entire body low at once. Do not attempt to touch the floor with your chest, instead lower it to the level where your upper arms become parallel to the floor. Now, push up and down.

Keep in mind not to lock your elbows at the top of the motion and be cautious not to dip your head onto the ground without moving any other body part. Repeat this exercise in sets of 3 with 15 repetitions each every day. You would be amazed to see the difference in less than a month’s time.

2. Incline fly – one of the best exercises for perky and firm breasts

Incline flyIncline fly tends to strengthen the adjoining muscles around your breasts which impart it a bigger, better and firmer appeal. To do this particular exercise, place your head, neck and upper body over several large-sized pillows while lying flat on the floor. Now, gripping soup cans or dumbbells in each hand, try pressing the weights directly on top of your chest with palms facing each other.

Keep your chin tucked to your chest so that your neck is aligned with the rest of your spine and back without hampering its natural posture. Next, spread your arms as far as you can. Let your elbows traverse down on to the sides while lowering your weights in an attempt to let your elbows touch the floor lightly.

Maintain a continuous bend in your elbows while lifting the weights back in an upward direction as if a barrel has been placed on your chest and in order to reach around it, you have to keep your arms stretched wide apart. This exercise should be done in sets of 3 and every set should be repeated at least 15 times to get the best results at the fastest possible pace.

3. Isometric chest contractions

Isometric chest contractionsBefore updating you about the advantages and procedure of this exercise, let me tell you that isometric chest contractions can lead to a rise in blood pressure levels, so if you are suffering from hypertension or heart diseases consult your physician before starting off with them. Isometric exercises lead to contraction of the pectoral muscles without allowing any change in their length, thereby leading to firmer and prettier breast shape.

To do these, come to a standing position with knees bent a little and abdomen contracted so as to balance your core. Now, grabbing the end of a towel in each hand, hold it in front of you with hands stretched out at shoulder level. Using small pulsing movements, try pulling the towel in opposite directions together in one go without letting it slack after a pulse. Keep it in this position by applying constant pressure to keep it pulled taut while continuing to pulse for at least a minute. This exercise should be repeated in sets of three of I minute pulse each. Ensure to rest for 30 seconds after every repetition.

4. Applying pressure

Applying pressureOne of the simplest exercise to plump up your breasts is by applying pressure with your chest muscles and targeting your pectoral tissues. To do this exercise face towards the wall while standing tall against it. Now lean on them with your hands and put as much pressure with your hands as you can as if trying to move them from their existing position. Keep on applying pressure by pushing it for 10 seconds at a stretch. Then release, relax, shake your hands and get on with it again. Repeat this 10 times every day if you wish to acquire a beautiful bosom with high elastic and toned breasts which in turn help in improving and beautifying their appearance.

5. Soup can or dumbbell press

Soup can or dumbbell pressSoup can or dumbbell press works effectively on both the pectoral muscles, namely pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, and drastically assist in toning and shaping them for better and firmer looking breasts. To do this, get on to a lying down position on your back with your feet placed flat on the ground and a soup can or dumbbell grasped in each hand. Now, try pushing the soup cans in an upward direction so that your arms come directly over your shoulders while your palms are faced away from you.

Pulling your abdomen in without joining your back into the floor or letting it arch off the floor, tilt your chin in the direction of your chest. Next, lowering the soup cans side-wards below let your elbows touch the floor lightly. Take care not to lock your elbows or let your shoulder blades to ascend up the floor, try pushing the weights back up. While practicing this exercise, make sure to use the same weights for both the arms. If you can do 3 sets of these, comprising of 15 repetitions each, regularly on a daily basis, you would soon be collecting compliments from people regarding your attractive bust line.

6. Elbows touching and palm pressing

Elbows touching and palm pressingStand straight with hands bent slightly at the elbows keeping hands placed over the hips. Now, try touching your elbows one on the other from behind your back. Be careful not to do it with a jolt. Do them carefully and slowly taking enough time to stretch the muscles for at least 10 to 15 seconds. This particular form should be repeated at least 8 times. Next, bring your palms in front of your chest joined together and press them against each other as hard as possible for 3 to 5 seconds. Do at least 8 to 10 repetitions. These exercises will assist in pulling up the pectoral muscles by putting enough pressure on them which in turn helps in shaping up your breasts beautifully and attractively.

7. Dry Breaststroke

swimmingSwimming is the best exercise for toning up and shaping your pectoral muscles for a beautiful bust line. Especially the breaststroke, as it involves constant working of the pectoral muscles. However, if your lifestyle does not permit you to go for swimming, you can practice dry breast strokes to get similar results. To perform one of the most effective exercises for perky and firm breasts, stand straight nestled up to the wall. Squeezing your pectoral muscles indulge in making movements as if you are doing breast-strokes in a swimming pool. Perform 100 slow momentum strokes while keeping the pectoral muscles tensed up and completely stretches all the time.

8. Leaning wall push-up

Leaning wall push-upLeaning wall push-ups have proved quite beneficial in pumping up the breasts of millions of women across the globe. To do this exercise stand approximately 2 feet away from the wall by joining your hands together so as to form a triangle with them. From this position, try lowering your hands so that they get positioned directly in front of your breasts.

Next, place your hands together and ensure making a triangle by touching the thumbs and index finger of your hands. Now lowering your hands, bring them directly in front of your chest. Again, extending your hands in front of you, touch the wall by leaning forward on your toes till your forehead comes in contact with the wall. Then, while placing your hands on the wall, push away from the wall at once by utilizing the strength of your arms and upper chest till you come back to a straight and upright posture.

Be careful enough to keep your full body absolutely firm throughout the length of the movement. Practice this exercise at least 15 times regularly as a part of your daily work-out regime in order to enhance the size and firmness of your breasts.

9. Pectoral arm squeeze exercises for perky and firm breasts

Pectoral arm squeeze exercisesDo this exercise while seating and squeeze your arms along with the body sides. Contract the pectoral muscles completely. This movement can be quite invigorating even if you have been working consistently for hours on the computer. To extract the best out of it, repeat this for 10 to 15 times after holding for a few seconds.

10. Running or walking

Running GameRunning and walking are the simplest, easiest and most effective form of cardio or aerobic exercises for breast reduction. Depending upon the availability of time, you can either choose to run or walk early morning or in the evening. Walk or run around a nearby park or around your area for about 30 to 45 minutes. As you become comfortable with the routine, increase your duration on the treadmill to one hour. Though you may keep sipping water now and then, care should be taken that you do not consume anything solid at least one hour before walking.

If have enrolled in your neighborhood gym, make use of the treadmill. You can walk or run on the treadmill for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes. Walking is an intense form of cardio which means that your body will make use of those unwanted calories and turn it into fuel. As a result, you will lose not only lose that extra fat from the bust area but your whole body will let go off the extra fat present in various parts of your body. 

11. Yoga

Yoga-practiseYoga, the ancient art of exercise which has its origin in India is now being preferred by many women as the sure shot way of reducing not only their breast size but also for shaping up their whole body. This centuries old discipline needs no formal introduction or training and can be practiced by one and all. Practicing yoga asanas (poses) like Bhujanga Asana, Vriksh Asana, Ardha Chakra Asana, ArdhaMatsyendra Asana over a period of time will help in reaching the goal.

These asanas focus particularly in and around the bust area, thereby slimming and toning the breasts. Performing these asanas is quite easy with a minimum of effort and doesn’t require any purchase of equipment. All you need is a mat and a cool and serene atmosphere. However, women who have serious ailments should first consult their health care providers and doctors before taking the plunge.

12. Swimming

SwimmingThis is one of the best, beautiful, pleasant and fun exercises which will help women in reducing their breast size. This form of exercise not only helps in burning the fat but also helps in slimming and toning the shoulders as well as breasts. It involves the minimum of risks. Swimming styles like freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly and back stroke help in achieving the goal. It has also been proven that swimming is far more effective than running or jogging in reducing breast size. This form of exercise can be either done in a fast and intense manner, as done in a swimming race, or can be done leisurely and in a relaxed way.

13. Normal Push ups

Normal Push ups

Push up exercises are another effective way to reduce breast size if done on a regular basis. With many variations available, like wide push ups, military push ups and standard width push ups, these exercises put strain on your pectoral muscles provided it is done at least 15 times. But before doing 15 repetitions, start with five to six sets of push ups every other day.

Lie on the floor on your stomach. Place the hands on either side of the floor next to the shoulders. Keep the back and the knees straight with the knees parallel to the floor. Inhale, slowly lower the body and keep the body from touching the floor. Exhale and push the body upwards with the help of the hands making sure the elbows aren’t locked, your elbows and the back not bent. Repeat these steps 5 to 6 times initially and increase the count day by day. As you keep at it, you will feel your arms and shoulders opening up and your pectoral muscles stretch thereby slimming and toning them. However, push ups have to be done after consulting one’s health care provider or doctor. They can be performed either in the morning or evening time. 

14. Chest presses

Chest pressesYou can also opt for chest presses. With the help of light weight dumb bells, this can prove to be the most effective way to reduce breast size. For this, you can either lie on the floor, or on a bench or on a step. Hold dumb bells straight up in the air above the chest with the palms facing in. Slowly lower the arms on either side of the body on your back with dumbbells in the hands, making sure the elbows are slightly bent and the arms parallel to the floor. Push the arms back up until they are about an inch apart. Repeat and divide the steps into 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps. This helps in not only firming up your breasts but also toning them.

Final Words

Of late, women have taken to fad diets and crash diets with a goal to reduce their breast size while some opt to go under the surgeon’s knife. Though it might seem to work for a certain period of time, but in the long run, it is been known to give way to lifelong harmful effects. Breasts, which are nothing but fat tissues that sit on top of pectoral (chest) muscles, can however be reduced if one adheres to a simple lifestyle.

Remember, apart from the above-mentioned exercises it is very important to opt for a good under-wired bra, in order to assist you in beating the gravitational pull.However, if you already have bulky breasts, go in for additional support as you would experience an extra pull on your breast tissues and muscles due to their excessive weight. In a nutshell, if you wish to flaunt a well-firmed bust line, you have to follow an exercise regime and wear the right kind of undergarment to make your dream come true at the earliest possible.

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