9 Reiki routines to fight depression

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Basically, depression is the state of being powerless, desperate and hopeless. It is a state in which a person feels dreadful to cope with his or her life. Some common symptoms of depression are increased the need to sleep or insomnia, fatigue, unreasonable sadness, loss of internet in life or hobbies, angry outbursts, crying, suicidal thoughts, etc. In such persons, there is a lack of acceptance for the things happening around him or her. They have their own perspective for everything and they don’t want to accept the truth. In result, it causes emotional, mental and energetic paralysis. The modern diet is very poor, energetically as well as nutritionally. Dietary changes are quite helpful in combating with depression in reiki routines. Read on to know nine reiki routines for combating with depression:

Chi flow or kundalini reiki

Chi flow or kundalini reikiThe prime and the most common reiki routine to fight with depression is kundalini reiki. By the use of chi flow reiki routine, you will learn how to control energy (chi) flow throughout the chakra points of the body. With this reiki routine, you will be able to point out particular chakras that will aid in self-healing. Kundalini Reiki is one of the most effective and powerful ways of overcoming depression. According to this therapy, there are three chakras in the human body, and their blockage results in acute depression.

The first chakra is the root chakra that is associated with the bones, spinal column, anus, nails, teeth, colon, blood, rectum, and prostate gland. It anchors people to the earth. The second chakra is the navel chakra which is the reproductive and creative center of human beings. It is related to the pelvic girdle, bladder, kidneys and all liquids like blood, gastric juices, lymph and also regulated the menstrual cycle in women. The last chakra is the solar plexus chakra which is the power center. It is related to the abdomen, lower back, digestive system, gall bladder, spleen, automatic nervous system, stomach, and liver. Due to the blockage of these chakras, people may result in lack of physical stamina, becoming moody, aggressive, defensive and irritable. Even in extreme cases, the patient commits suicide.


Channeling means passing the energy through the practitioner and not from the practitioner. In this reiki routine, the healer lays his or her hand above the aura of the body or on the body. The healer is the canal for the energy. This reiki routine gives a relaxing feel. Sometimes, little healing reactions like discomfort or tears can be seen. If you too feel a tearful feeling, then do pass them out and do not try to hold them.

Tears are actually energy disruption releasing out of the body. Some people also feel laughter, giggling, or nothing, even that is ok. Its effect cannot be seen in 15-20 minutes like after having a tablet for headache. A number of healing sessions are required to visualize effective results. It is very important that you should trust the reiki routine and attend the number of sessions recommended by the healer. Only then you can feel the difference and result out of depression.


MeditationReiki is an awesome technique that helps in healing energy work as well as relaxing. If a person is suffering from depression, then he needs to take time and deeply relax in a meditative state. It is a very easy routine. You just need to sit down with the straight back. Take some long breaths and imagine that the purest healing and loving energies are passing through your body. When you exhale, all the negativities, tension, anger, depression, frustration, etc. are moving out of your body with the breath.

Then take your hands in front of your forehead and cover your eyes. It will make you feel quite comfortable. Now, place your hands over the stomach, hold it and relax. There are several other points where you need to place your hands, mainly the seven chakras of your body to feel relaxed. It will take out all the depression and stress out of your body.

It will decrease the level of depression and also reduces the heart rate that will lower the blood pressure. And it will also relieve the sufferer from headache and increase the flow of oxygen to the lungs.

Distance (non-touch) reiki

Reiki can also be performed from distance. With this distance or non-touch reiki, you can visualize wonderful results. It can be performed from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to set mutual times, but verbal permission is required to take from the receiver before sending reiki energies. Even these reiki energies can be sent to a person living on another planet like Jupiter or Mars. It helps in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, all negativity and also the side effects of medications.

The art of distance or non-touch reiki routine is divided into four parts, according to Dr. Usui. The first part is personal development. The person requires to develop self-awareness and self-love in himself via reiki routine. The second part is the healing practice. That means, he must need to connect himself with the healer to receive life force energy. The third part is the mystic order, in which you have to bring a feeling of connection with the reiki routine practitioner for developing a bond. The last part is the sense of spiritual discipline through the distance reiki routine.

Hands-on Reiki

Hands-on ReikiReiki can elevate and heal all types of illnesses that are known to a man. Its results are really life-changing. It is quite difficult to deal with depression. Reiki routines bring a feeling of relaxation, warmth, and peace. During the hands-on reiki routine, many patients feel more than one pair of hands during the treatment. It is believed that spiritual power assists the healer during the treatment. Hands-on Reiki routine removes all negativities and blockages from the mind and body of the receiver and replaces them with the powerful life force energy. This energy is of utmost importance for the survival of the beings. Depression, anxiety and other diseases take place in our body when life force energy slows down in our body.

Hand positions

Apart from other techniques of healing depression with Reiki, it is also important to pay proper attention to the hands’ positions. It is because hands positions play a vital role in Reiki healing. There is no complicated ritual to perform as simple Reiki hand positions are sufficient for healing depression. You may experience different sensations like cold, pulsing, heat or a complete dearth of sensations while involving in the Reiki hand positions. The strength of the reiki routine varies from the healer’s level to level. Basically, there are three levels that improve with continuous practice and personal attunements.


RelaxationRelaxing is a very good way to deal with depression. Basically, anxiety is associated with depression. Just learning how to relax can be really helpful in relieving anxiety. In return, it will also help in relieving some symptoms of depression. Reiki routines also help in controlling your own energies. You can begin feeling better by shedding unwanted negative energy. The ability to relax with reiki routine can be really helpful for healing in depression. Basically, it is a 50 minutes session. Most people feel immediate pain reduction and relaxation after the session, but some people feel worse in the next 24 hours. It is because reiki routine triggers emotions. Reiki massage also brings a great feeling of relaxation to the patient during the depression.

Talk to yourself

It is utmost important that we must know how to talk to ourselves. Most of us lack in knowing in our childhood that how to live life completely, how to see the joy, interconnectedness, and possibility and how to express ourselves limitlessly in everything. To overcome depression, we must try those things that are fearing and resisting. For instance, if parents tell their child at a very young age that he is useless, then he begins to tell himself the same thing all the time. This will initiate the depression state in that child. To combat depression, he must need to know how to talk to himself. He must also need to learn to focus his mind on good and glorious things. Actually, depression is that state which is ruled over by victimization, childishness, powerlessness, and lack of responsibility.

Overcoming depression isn’t any easy feat. The first step is to understand what you’re going through, which is why talking to yourself is important. Communication, even with oneself, can help set the foundation for overcoming depression. However, depression isn’t a walk in the park. There is a reason why millions continue to suffer from it. If you’re dealing with depression, talking to yourself likely isn’t the only steps you will need to take. You will need to speak to a licensed mental health professional. Therapists are trained to help people not only manage but overcome depression. If you’re experiencing depression, make sure to reach out to a therapist closeby. Therapists in yoru area can be found on many websites, including sites like the APA and

Physical activity

Physical activityPhysical activities generate endorphins and some other components that promote relaxation and also a sense of well being. Without physical workout, our body will become energetically stagnant means like a body of water only. Therefore, a workout is extremely important to flow our energy harmoniously as well as nurture feelings of contentment and power. Physical activities include exercise that plays an important role in healing depression. This reiki routine helps in healing body itself. It also strengthens the immune system and relieves all the pain and discomfort. Physical activities also help in relaxing the body by reducing anxiety and stress. All these things in the end combat with depression symptoms.

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