10 Successful Potty Training Tips for Boys


Potty training a child is very important and essential; this is why it is always best if you start early. Also remember that it will not happen unless your child wants it to happen. Here are a few things that you can consider when you are potty training your child. Use these 10 potty training tips that can help in the messy process:

1) Choose the right time

Potty-Training-Tips-for-BoysTiming plays a very vital role when you are potty training your child. A lot of times children, tend to hold their pee for a long time; while most of the times they cannot hold on to it. In some cases, the child may be really small to understand the whole concept of using the toilet, this is why is essential that you should wait until he is ready to go ahead and learn to pee in the toilet.

2) Show him the way

Kids love imitating their parents, so another good way to train your son is by showing him how to do it. Your partner and you can show him how to go about peeing in the potty by acting it out to him. It can be confusing since he would see his daddy stand while his mommy would be sitting down, so you need to explain it to him. You also need to make him understand the difference between the anatomies of girls and boys when it comes to the peeing concept.

3) Choosing the right sized potty


A child cannot use the commode that is meant for adults, that is why there are special attachments that come for kids. When you are choosing the attachment, ensure that it is the right size for him. While potty training your child, you need to let him sit on it a few times a day until he is able to understand what it is all about as well as for him to realize that it is a good place to go.

4) Work towards a routine

Though timing plays an important role, routine also works hand in hand. You need to slowly introduce him to the potty and get him off the nappy. To do that, you can slowly work out a few hours in a day without the nappy where he can choose his favorite underpant to wear. This is the time where you can also get him to start sitting in the potty when he needs to go. At the beginning, he may wet his underpants, do not get angry with him. Instead, make him understand that it is okay but would be better if he can go to the toilet.

5) Comfort is really important – remember one of the most important potty training tips

Potty-Training-Tips-for-BoysForce will never work while potty training your child. This is why it is essential that he has to be comfortable in what he is doing. Comfort does not arrive in a day, this is why you should not enforce it on to him. Let him choose when he would want to go as well as decide how and when to use the potty.

6) Consistency is the key while potty training your child

Consistency is really important when you are training a child to go to the potty. Once you start the training, make sure that you stick to it for him to realize and understand things. There may be times when you are travelling or going for a function this is the time when you can consider using a nappy. However, if you are staying somewhere indoors, then carry his potty attachment so that he can continue using it. If he is going to preschool, request the teacher to follow the same routine so that it continues.

7) Use interactive media to help him learn

Potty-Training-Tips-for-BoysThere are a lot of videos and books that are there in the market which helps to educate a child on such necessary things. You can use these methods as training material to help in get a better understanding. Even when you are getting him to sit in the potty, you can make it a little fun by going ahead and keeping some of his favorite books in the bathroom.

8) Appreciate and reward him

A child’s confidence increases when he is appreciated for doing a good job. So, when your son starts using the toilet you can appreciate him for doing the right thing. Many a times, parents even go ahead and sing a song for the child and dance along with him so that he knows he has done the right thing and they are happy. You can also consider giving him a small reward. Also teach him to tell you when he wants to go.

9) Introduce night use slowly

pee-every-now-and-thenIt is essential that you child should first be used to having days that are dry from his nappy habits. Only after this is achieved, should you start getting him to go to the bathroom at nights. Another essential factor is to reduce the water intake so that his sleep is not disturbed because he has to pee every now and then. You can also use a bed protector incase your child has the habit of peeing on the bed. Remember to stay calm during this time.

10) Be ready for slips

It is bound to happen that the child may go ahead and slip every now and then. This is the time when you need to be really patient. Do not get angry or upset with him. Instead, be calm and tell him it is okay but then again explain that it would be better to use the potty.


Children can make a real tantrum when it comes to doing things that they do not want to do. However, you know how important it is for them to get out of the nappy habit and train them to use the potty. It also requires a lot of patience and time. When you start potty training your child early, it will be beneficial for the child as well as the parent as you can get him away from his nappy habits at the earliest.

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