9 natural remedies to cure pulmonary fibrosis

pulmonary fibrosis

Today, multiple diseases still exist, for which medicine has no cure. There is cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers, etc. There is another, lesser known ailment which offers very little hope in terms of treatement. That ailment is Pulmonary fibrosis. Pulmonary fibrosis is an autoimmune disease, in which your immune system attacks the lungs, causing excessive scarring and inflammation. It is an idiopathic disease caused due to unknown toxins. Over five million people in the world suffer from this deadly disease, and the doctors have very little to offer to them except hope. Death within five years of diagnosis of the disease is not an unusual prognosis. But here are some natural remedies to cure pulmonary fibrosis and reverse its effects.

The impaired breathing and lung function can improve; the scarred and inflamed lung tissue can heal. All you have to do is incorporate the listed remedies in your daily life. Basically, you have to detoxify your body, and in the meantime stop your immune system from attacking your lungs. Detoxification can be done by improving and readjusting your diet, physical exercise which causes sweating, cleansing your body. Specific foods help you to calm down your immune system, so that the remedies can work, such as liquorice, hemp or flax seed oil. These remedies are simple enough and can be taken care of even during traveling. Read further to know more about these simple steps which can restore your life back to normal.

Improve your diet

Improve your dietAvoid foods that are unhealthy, and might result in other diseases, such as monosodium glutamate, refined salt, hydrogenated fats, high cholesterol foods, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, refined oils, junk foods, alcohol, smoked or fried foods, etc. These foods contain toxins which would aggravate the inflammation of your lungs, and result in increased scarring. Instead, switch to a balanced, holistic diet, which would help to cleanse your body, while also providing nutrition. Foods you can incorporate in your diet are unrefined salt, foods containing good cholesterol, essential fatty acids, barley, lemonade (every morning), barley, olive oil, maple syrup, trace minerals such as selenium. Also, know about your food tolerance: foods that suit you, foods you’re allergic to, and so on. It would have long term effects and also prevent you from contracting other diseases. This change can be implemented very easily, and traveling wouldn’t be a problem for your dietary change.

Cleanse your body

Cleanse your bodyBody cleansing can be partially implemented by the dietary changes you incorporate in your life, but over the years, due to an imbalanced diet, your body holds a lot of toxins, and it is next to impossible to eliminate them solely by changes in your diet. The liver alone can hold hundreds of intrahepatic stones. Hence other methods of cleansing your body of toxins are required. You have to cleanse your bowels, free them of parasites, cleanse your mouth (dental cleansing), cleanse your kidney and liver.

Many ways of cleansing your body in these respects are available, and you can choose whichever method you are comfortable with. Dental cleanup might take years. Bowel cleanses should be done at least once a year. Liver cleanses can be done 6 to 10 times every 2 to 3 weeks. Kidney cleanse can be done just by increasing your water uptake. Once your body is free of toxins, further degradation of your lungs is prevented.

Physical activity

Physical activityOne of the most effective natural remedies to cure pulmonary fibrosis, this also helps you in cleansing your body. It is a very simple measure, you can jog, dance, exercise, practice yoga or meditation, anything will do. Other refined forms of physical activity, which would be beneficial if you have proper training are: tai chi, chi gonk, trampoline jumping, golf, Chinese yoga, etc. It will relieve you of the stress and toxins, and truly cleanse your mind and body. It can be performed while traveling also, and you would not even have to make any special monetary investments. This is the most economical natural remedy available and it would do you good in many more ways than imaginable.

Get set, sweat!

saunaMany scientific studies have concluded that certain toxins are eliminated from the body only by sweating. So, sweating is very important for being healthy. It is a very simple, friendly, and economical remedy, and plays a very important role in the cleansing and detoxification of your body. To increase the amount of sweat, you can take a sauna or steam bath, exercise with many clothes on, eat jalapenos (cayenne peppers), etc.


immuneYou can consume liquorice, in the natural form or capsule form. It is the healthiest way to calm down your immune system and prevent the hyper B cells from further damaging your lungs. It also helps in the healthy production of steroids by the adrenal glands. Steroids are biomolecules which help suppress the immune system, restoring its normal activity. These steroids are much more potent than their drug supplements. Once they suppress the immune system, the restoration process of the lungs will speed up. alternative medicine experts consider Liquorice to be a good lung expectorant, and it would thus help expel the toxins from them.

Hemp, cod liver oil

Cod liver oilThese provide you with the essential fatty acids which are the indispensable part of every restoration regime. These oils improve the condition of your lungs. One tiny spoon of these oils daily is enough for you. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D and medical experts recommend it if you don’t get your daily dose of sunlight. These oils also help in reducing the inflammation of the lungs. You can consume these even while traveling and money won’t be an issue.

Flaxseed oil- one of the natural remedies to cure pulmonary fibrosis

Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil is also a good source of essential fatty acids. It also thins the blood, and therefore improves the circulation, resulting in the rejuvenation of the scarred and inflamed tissue. This also makes the cells and tissues soft and capable of absorbing more oxygen and nutrients. You can take the refrigerated oil with organic cottage cheese daily. Instead of taking oil, you can take ground flaxseed itself if you are more comfortable with it. But refrigerate it before consuming. You can stir around eight tablespoons of oil with a cup of the organic cottage cheese. It also promotes detoxification.

Baking soda

Baking sodaYou can also take a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass full of water before your meals. This alkalifies the body and prevents acidity. This induces proper digestion and expulsion of toxins. It is also a very cheap and economical remedy for cleansing the body of toxins and preparing the body such that proper absorption of nutrients occurs.

Vitamin C rich foods

Benifts of Vitamin CIt is also a good natural remedy for treating pulmonary fibrosis. Vitamin C rich foods would enhance the production of white blood cells which would result in suppressing the inflammation of the lungs. These foods would also help in healing the scarred tissue. Some vitamin C rich foods you can consume are lemons, oranges, grapes, berries, and other citrus fruits.

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