7 best exercises to encourage healing from an anal fissure

anal fissure

Anal fissures are very painful as they are tears in the anus lining. Cuts which are deep at times appear at the opening through which the stools pass out from the body. Such fissures can also leave many tags hanging out from the opening of the anus. This painful condition has to be endured till it is cured. There are symptoms of burning pain and bleeding during and after a nature’s call is answered. Anal fissures occur quite commonly and are treated with oral medication and suppositories. However, doing some exercises which relax the person and the muscles of the anus along with those that improve bowel movement can help heal the anal fissures faster. Here are seven recommended exercises for those suffering from an anal fissure:

The bow curve pose

The bow curve poseIn most cases, an anal fissure gets created or aggravated due to constipation or stools that are large and hard. In order to aid bowel movement and soften the stools, the bow curve exercise will prove very handy. To do this exercise, first, lie prone on your stomach. Bend your legs upwards at the knees and get them close to the thighs. Now, clasp the ankles with your arms stretched backward. With a gentle yet firm pull, lift up the ankles and stretch out your chest. Your whole body should be in the shape of a bow with the weight resting on the abdomen. Hold for about 5-6 seconds before gently relaxing and returning to the original position of lying prone on your abdomen. Do this exercise for another 9-10 cycles. Repeat this twice daily. Please do not attempt this exercise immediately after meals.

Lying leg tucks

This is another exercise that will help to rejuvenate the digestive system, releasing gas and improving bowel movement. It stimulated the abdominal regions and softens stools to an extent. To do this, lie prostrate on the floor with your hands by your sides. Take a deep breath and as you breathe in, bend your right leg at the knee and tuck it close to your torso. Pull the knee gently back with both your hands interlocked with the fingers at the knee. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then start exhaling slowly. Raise your back, shoulders and your head off the floor and try to meet your knee. Now inhale and slowly rest back your head on the ground. Exhale and return to the prostrate position. Repeat the cycle with the other leg as well to heal anal fissure.


Walking coupleWalking for a while in the morning and in the evening is itself a wonderful exercise that should be done by a person recuperating from an anal fissure. This is a moderate intensity exercise with no side effects or problems. When you go walking, just ensure that you do so at a steady pace. Do not walk too fast that you have to pant for breath. Nor should you walk too slow that you do not break into a sweat. Walking encourages a good and free bowel movement and prevents constipation. It also prevents the formation of hard stools that are painful to excrete. By stimulating and promoting overall blood flow, walking also ensures that the fissures heal quickly and well. Other medium-intensity exercises like mowing the lawns or vacuuming the home could also be taken up in conjunction with walking.

Kneeling backstretch

This exercise has been immortalized in yoga as ustrasana. Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it not only helps tone your organs and make them more efficient but also provides immense relief in several medical conditions such as fissures. The kneeling back stretch is an exercise that stretches your abdominal organs and alleviates constipation. Thus, it helps if you practice this exercise daily and if you are suffering from an anal fissure. This involves kneeling down, standing on your knees and bending backward to touch your feet with both your hands. If you are suffering from back pain, it is advisable to consult your doctor before you perform this exercise as it requires a stretch of the back muscles.

Bath exercise

Bath exerciseThis exercise is to ensure that there is good blood circulation in the anus area. Improving circulation increases the rate and quality of the healing process. This exercise also soothes and comforts the affected area. To do the exercise, fill a bathtub or a wide tub with warm water till the brim. If it is a large tub into which you can fit completely, it would be the best. Otherwise, immerse the anus in the tub of warm water. Now, contract the muscle used to stop the passage of stools from the anus. Having done that, concentrate on relaxing the muscle completely as if pushing out the stools so that the anus is completely expanded. Do this contraction and expansion once every 3 minutes as you sit in the tub. Do this for at least three times every day for best results.

Triangle stretch – one of the best ways to treat anal fissure

This stretch has been immortalized as the trikonasana in yoga and it is very effective in helping good bowel movements. It also helps good digestion and relieves gastritis, acidity, and flatulence. Stand straight with your feet about a meter apart. Gently turn the right foot completely to the outside and the left foot about 45 degrees inwards. The heels must be along the hips. Spread out your arms to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms facing downwards. This is the zero position. Bend to the right side and stretch so that the right palm touches the ground behind the right leg. The left hand is stretched up straight, perpendicular to the ground. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds before returning to zero position. Repeat the same to the left side also. 5 such cycles every day will be highly beneficial.

Breathing exercises

Breathing-exerciseThe whole point of breathing exercises is to allow you to relax completely. There are certain trigger points all over the body which tighten and become taut when you are in a tensed state. The anus is sensitive to such triggers and when it gets tensed, it makes the whole act of going to answer nature’s call into a very painful one. Then do the breathing exercises, lie down flat on a hard surface. You can place a mattress. Let your legs drop limp and place your hands by the side. Visualize a beautiful scene and gently breathe in and out. Keep breathing rhythmically until you feel your whole body relax. Now, along with the breathing, try to contract and relax the anus as well. Do this for about 20-30 times in a session and do two sessions every day.

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