Indulge In Chocolate Meditation To Turn Mindfulness Delicious


Who doesn’t like a bar of chocolate? What if, you can eat a good amount of chocolate, and stay healthy? Chocolate meditation is just that. One of the best ways to practice mindfulness, chocolate mediation is all about eating a piece of chocolate and staying in the present moment. If this sounds exciting enough, read on to know how to practice chocolate meditation and enjoy every bit of the same. Even though this is especially for the beginners in the mindfulness space, experts at meditation can also give it a try. After all, even the most self-controlled and self-restrained individuals crave some variety and some deliciousness.

Chocolate meditation is fun and easy – because the object and reward is chocolate. Moreover, chocolate meditation will help you reduce your chocolate consumption by drawing your attention to the amount of chocolate you consume – because this meditation and mindful eating – combined. Without further ado, let us delve deep into the concept of chocolate meditation, and how to get it right.

A piece of chocolate is all you need

Chocolate-MeditationObviously, you need a piece of chocolate for chocolate meditation. Go for a bite-sized one. And if you are health conscious, choose a piece of dark chocolate, which comes with a lot of cocoa content within.

If you cannot lay your hand on a chocolate, then even a small amount of sweet chips or a candy will do the trick.

Just ensure that it is not larger than a bite-size. Also, try to avoid milk chocolates, as they can harm your health with its sweetness. But, if you absolutely want it, then you can choose any chocolate you wish.

Try to relax


The next step in this process of chocolate meditation – as with any other form of meditation – is to relax. Take deep breaths, and try to lose the tightness in the various muscles of your body.

If you deal with a high amount of stress on a daily basis, then focus on your neck and shoulder muscles. Relax them and release all the stiffness pent up within.

You can also choose to sit straight and close your eyes. The idea is to be as physically relaxed as possible before you start the chocolate meditation.

Savor your piece of chocolate

Chocolate-MeditationTurn into a child and enjoy every aspect of the delicious chocolate piece. Smell it as slowly as you can. Inhale its fragrance. Revel in the same for as long as you wish.

Relish its appearance. Look at it, watch how mouth-watering it appears to be. Linger in the magic of its of brown coating, in the imagination of the contents hidden within its chocolaty layers.

Then nibble a bit. Let the chocolaty delight melt in your mouth. Let it stay in touch with your taste buds by focusing on the present moment.

Feel whatever you wish right now. Imagine how grateful you are at the moment, to be able to enjoy the wholesome deliciousness of the chocolate.

Carry on with the deep breaths, while you think about how delicious the chocolate is, and how the piece of chocolate and you are becoming one.

Imagine and enjoy the feeling of how the chocolate fuses with your body, mind and soul.

Keep an eye only on the sensation

Chocolate-MeditationFocus on how the chocolate is melting more and more in your mouth and making its ways to your stomach. As and when you feel your mouth going empty or dry, slowly raise your arm and take a second nibble on the chocolate piece.

In whatever you do, stay focused and stay in the present moment. Forget everything else around you and inside your head. Simply look at the chocolate and enjoy its flavors, sensations and taste.

If you notice your mind wandering to anything and anyone else except on this piece of chocolate, bring your thoughts back.

Right now, only this small piece of chocolate deserves your attention. Right now, your only source of enjoyment is this chocolaty piece. Stay focused.

Revisit the moment

Chocolate-MeditationLater on in the day, once you have accomplished the chocolate meditation, you can allow yourself to revisit those moments where your treated yourself to beautiful, fragrant, aromatic, and delicious piece from the culinary heaven.

Remember how the chocolate was. But more importantly, remember how involved and engrossed your remained in the process of savoring that small piece of chocolate.

How, in that moment, it was just you and the chocolate. Every other sound, aroma, or thought didn’t matter. It was just the two of you. And what  a moment it was!

How does chocolate meditation help achieve mindfulness?

Chocolate-MeditationMindful living is simply living in the present moment – lingering and relishing in all that the present moment has to offer. Mindfulness is all about being aware of the sound, the taste, and the appearance of that single thing which we are engaging with.

Chocolate meditation helps us achieve just that. When you open the wrapper of the chocolate, you attune itself to the sound of the unfurling of the wrapper. You might also connect it with other sounds you have heard in your lifetime.

When you look at the piece of chocolate very closely, you begin to notice how glossy the brown shade really is. Or maybe, it is matte – more matte than the chocolate you ate the other day. But you never noticed how miraculous it looks –until now.

When you savor the nibble of the chocolate, you close your eyes and feel the remaining piece of chocolate in your hand. You begin to realize just how soft the chocolate is – almost on the edge of melting and trickling down your fingers. The gooey texture of the chocolate will make you think – why didn’t you experience this bliss ever before?

Chocolate meditation, in some brief words, help you experience the best of the five senses that belong to you – and that by staying in the present moment. That is exactly what mindfulness is all about. And what better than chocolate to practice it with?

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