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How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol?

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the substances that people can abuse. Regardless of where you are, you likely won’t need to travel a long distance before you can get your hands on a drink from a shop or a bar, and it’s also available in most social gatherings. Though taking alcohol can give you some sensation, it’s still doesn’t negate the danger that comes with it.

However, if you get addicted, you might risk developing some health issues like brain damage, liver disease, cancer, and heart disease. Bad habits can be difficult to let go of. Even when it feels like you have gotten rid of it, a sudden spark can take you back to it. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Take a Moment to Think

Excessive alcoholIf you reflect for a moment, you will realize that alcohol is everywhere. From a Friday night to an office fridge, events, or social gathering, alcohol has become a part of many people’s daily activities. Additionally, many people usually like to relax with a glass of champagne after a stressful day.

However, it’s vital that you chill, reflect, and remember that alcohol consumption can result in something bad or disastrous. Excessive alcohol can have a negative impact on your relationship, health, and other activities.

How Often Do You Need a Drink?

Many people can decide to say no to alcohol and simply enjoy one occasionally. However, if you are longing for your next drink, then there is a problem. It’s normal to crave a drink with friends, but when these cravings turn into a sickness of restlessness, you should consider slowing down.

Start Effecting Changes

people attending support groupIf you have made the decision to change your bad relationship with alcohol, there are several options available to you. You can start by attending support groups, seeking help from family and friends, or you can seek the advice of a counselor or therapist. However, if you have a more serious problem like addition, we recommend you consult professional medical advice. You can register at an outpatient rehab St Louis facility to help you overcome your addiction.

Changing Bad Habits Takes Time

People should remember that changing bad habits, like excessive drinking, won’t happen overnight. Excessive drinking causes a hangover, which can affect your daily activities. To get rid of the bad habit, you need to be consistent and disciplined. Otherwise, you will find yourself opening a bottle of whisky after a week, and before you know it, all the goals you set will be forgotten.

Consider a Healthy Alternative

yoga is a Healthy AlternativeChanging a bad habit does not happen overnight, but by replacing the habit with a healthier one, you can be in with a better chance of achieving what you want. If you find that you are wanting a drink more often than you would like, consider something healthier that you could do every time you get a craving. Going for a run, doing some yoga, drinking a glass of water, or reading a chapter of a book can all take your mind off your cravings and give you something to do while you wait for it to pass. Exercise, in particular, is a great choice since it can lift your mood.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Society often demands that we’re drinking at every social function, which can be exhausting for somebody who is trying to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. But don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and say no. If you’re attending a friend’s wedding or a party, you certainly don’t need to drink to have fun. You may find it helpful to request alcohol-free options like alcohol-free beer and wine if you prefer so that you’re not awkwardly drinking juice in a corner. But there is nothing wrong with being teetotal if you are unsure that you’ll be able to limit yourself once you’ve had a drink.

Try Dry January

woman saying no to alcoholJanuary is a month every year where lots of people give up alcohol completely for charity, and joining in could be a good way to help you reevaluate your relationship with alcohol. Doing it to raise money for a cause that is close to your heart and being sponsored by your friends and family can be very motivating and give you the push that you need to stop drinking for a while. Completely giving up alcohol doesn’t have to last forever, but not drinking for a month can be a great way to realize that you don’t actually need it, enabling you to form a much healthier relationship with alcohol afterward.

Get Friends and Family Involved

Chances are that you are surrounded by caring and supportive people in your life who want to see you happy. Most people who care about somebody do not like seeing them reliant on alcohol to feel better or have a good time. Confiding in trusted friends or relatives can be very helpful, as it’s always nice to feel like somebody has your back and is ready to support you no matter what. The people in your social circle can help you get a new perspective on things and offer encouragement when you need it.

Additional Information

hangoverWhen you start realizing how great you feel when you wake up on a Saturday morning without having a hangover, you will begin to change those bad habits. However, you should ensure that you don’t lose focus, as before you know it, you are back at your old habits. To stay focused, consider joining a support group or asking a trusted friend or relative to hold you accountable.

Our Final Note

On a final note, people should be aware of the dangers that come with excessive drinking, which can cause a series of health issues. Regulating the amount of alcohol that you consume offers lots of benefits like improving the overall appearance and weight loss. Aside from that, it can also boost your energy level. It’s never too late to change!

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