Physical and Emotional Warning Signs of Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency

So, you enjoy a few drinks at the end of your work week to unwind and relax. Those weekend drinks quickly turn into weeknight beers following work. You could’ve sworn your bottle of vodka was half full just the other day. How could it possibly be empty? These are all signs that you’re drinking more frequently and in larger quantities than you realize. Alcoholism is a gradual progression and can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. But there are warning signs of alcoholism to look out for. This article shares both physical and emotional warning signs that you have an alcohol dependency so you can seek help from family, friends, and facilities like Inspire Malibu.

Emotional Changes

Alcoholism changes a person’s demeanor and behavior. Here are a few emotional signs that you may be addicted to alcohol.


drinking-aloneOne of the first signs of an addiction or dependency is dishonesty. If you’re hiding your drinking, sneaking drinks, or drinking alone, you may be addicted. After all, if you have a healthy relationship with alcohol, what’s there to hide? Sneaking drinks and covering up the frequency or quantity of alcohol you consume means you feel guilty. It’s a sign that you already know your alcohol intake is out of control.

You Need Alcohol to Feel “Normal”

Are you uncomfortable in social situations without a drink in your hand? Are you unable to relax or enjoy yourself without alcohol? If you need a alcohol to feel “normal”, it may mean you have a drinking problem. Alcohol is designed to relax you and enhance an already pleasurable experience. It’s not designed to be an escape from reality or something you need in order to have a good time. If you can’t enjoy yourself without a drink, you may be developing a dependency.

Lashing Out

DepressionAre you a different person when you drink? Do friends and family refer to you as “an angry drunk”? For many people, alcohol dependency means extreme mood swings and personality changes. These include aggression, lack of self-control, depression, and compulsive behaviors. If you’re personality is changing due to alcohol use and it’s not enough to make you stop, you may have a problem.

Physical Changes

Alcohol is considered a foreign substances by the human body and too much of it can negatively affect body function. Here are a few physical signs that your alcohol consumption is becoming excessive.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues An increase of alcohol in your system can negatively impact your digestive system causing excess gas, bloating, nausea, and vomiting. Leaky gut, or gut toxicity, is another common side effect of alcoholism. Over time, alcohol can wear away at the lining of your small intestine and stomach, allowing bacteria to leak into your bloodstream, causing a long list of complications.

Organ Damage

Excessive alcohol abuse can damage several of your internal organs, most notably your brain and liver. Alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, depriving your brain of essential oxygen and nutrients. Your liver, which is responsible for processing and breaking down bacteria and other materials, works overtime with the presence of alcohol. This can lead to an inflamed or enlarged liver. Alcoholism is the leading cause of cirrhosis.

Older Appearance

Signs of Alcohol DependencyNo one wants to look older than they are, but continued alcohol abuse can age you far beyond your years. This is due mostly to dehydration. Alcohol naturally dehydrates you by suppressing your body’s antidiuretic hormone which is responsible for sending fluids back into your body. It also acts as a diuretic, flushing water out of your system at a rapid pace. When your body is dehydrated, its visible in your skin. Dehydration causes wrinkles and dry skin. Many alcoholics simply appear tired and worn out.


If you’re exhibiting any of these physical or emotional side effects, it may mean that your alcohol use is out of control. Kicking this bad habit will help restore both your physical and emotional health and help you lead a full, happy life.

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