Fight off pain with these secrets from physical therapists

Physical therapists can bring great results, but also bring out treatment effects that are long lasting. Read on to know about some tricks from physical therapists that can make you fight your pain effectively.

Assess the root cause

knee pain

Physical therapists know that your pain can arise from a part that is not under suspicion. If you have knee pain, then it may be the cause of your inflexible hips. Similarly, pain in your head can be due to the knots in some trigger points in your neck. Therapists suggest that you should stretch the entire body through light exercises and try to identify the root cause of your pain. Move the body part that seems to have become tighter.

Go for an ergonomic setup

Neck ache

Many people develop neck and back pains due to their wrong postures while sitting on their workstations in offices. It is very helpful to correct your posture and working habits. Have an ergonomic setup to be relieved of constant pains. For instance, you should keep your computer at your eye level and your elbows should rest at a 90-degree angle. The same should be your knee and hip bent. Make your feet rest nicely on the floor. Any uncomfortable working position can trigger pains in different body parts.

Consume anti-inflammatory foods

alkaline diet (3)

Avoid sweetened and processed foods and include more of vegetables, cherries, pomegranates, and fish in your diet. These recommended foods reduce inflammation in your body. You should also use anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and ginger in your diet. Eating such items can reduce your pain symptoms.

Take an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt bath

Some physical therapists recommend their patients to use Epsom salt, a little baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide in their hot water bath. It can relieve the pain in patients with sore muscles or fibromyalgia.

Bite the tongue

Female biting tongue with perfect teeth

While this trick may seem weird, it actually works when you stick out your tongues and give it a gentle bite. Tap on the under-chin soft spot.This trick, based on the Primal Reflex Release Technique, relaxes your jaw muscles that get tight when you experience pain.

Get moving


Although you need to rest initially when you have severe pain, you slowly need to get moving in order to avoid muscle stiffness. If you cannot even do light exercises, then try getting into a pool for better movement.

Physical therapists always recommend you to remove the root cause of your pain and give you some secret tricks to recover from pain in no time. Thus, do not be afraid to see a physical therapist when you experience deep-rooted pains.

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