Common mistakes that you should never make with pain meds


If you take pain medicines for any reason, then you should be mindful of their proper use. As several pain meds are analgesics, it is not right to believe that these are safe. In cases where you have some health problems or conditions, it is critical to understand the risks and side effects associated with pain meds. Here are some of the mistakes that you may make with your pain meds. Keep a check so you can avoid committing such mistakes.

Use of NSAIDS while trying to conceive

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It is probably the biggest mistake you can make with pain meds. NSAIDS like naproxen and diclofenac can be quite risky, as they inhibit ovulation to a good extent by suppressing prostaglandin release. While it becomes normal after you stop taking these medicines, you may not be able to conceive during the use.

Using pain meds during pregnancy

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It is not only risky to depend on NSAIDS while trying to conceive, but is also harmful when you are pregnant. These meds can infiltrate through the circulation system of the fetus and affect organ development. Thus, it is best to consult your doctor during pregnancy if you face any health issue.

Taking pain meds for every ache you have

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Do you simply pick a pain med and pop it in your mouth whenever you have fever, headache, or back pain? Be cautious, as these drugs are powerful. You may go for several home remedies if your pain is moderate or mild. Many pain meds inhibit prostaglandins’ production, thus causing you inflammation or more pain. For muscle tension, you may rely on meditation and yoga practice instead of pain meds.

Having pain meds with blood-thinning drugs

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It is a severe mistake to mix NSAIDS with your blood-thinning drugs. It may not only increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks, but may also lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. Always talk to your doctor about taking a pain med while you are on a blood-thinning drug.

Dosing up before workouts and long after an injury


If you have pain due to a workout or an injury, then it is just a safety mechanism of your body. Taking a dose of pain meds regularly before your workouts or long after sustaining an injury can be dangerous. You can even invite future injuries or worsen your condition.

Avoid taking pain meds every time you feel feverish or painful. They can be risky especially when you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. Always consult a physician if you have a health problem or injury instead of buying and taking a pain med without prescription.

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