Simple Stretching Exercises That Will Cure Your Headache In No Time

Fret not regular sufferers of headache! There are a million solutions to your problems! There is no need to pop ...

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Ginger – The root with a long list of health benefits

Ginger is one of those super foods that are routinely used in our daily diet. May it be ginger tea, ...

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Common heritable diseases that can run in a family

The global number of people with inherited genetic disorders has taken its toll. Research has indicated that the structural and ...

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The unexpected health benefits of drinking hot water

Water is the elixir of life. We cannot survive without water. Experts advise that we should drink at least 7-10 ...

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A good midday nap can chase away stress and high blood pressure

The Spanish have been doing it for ages – the afternoon siesta is not a luxury but a must for ...

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Mental health care could greatly benefit from virtual therapy sessions

Mental health is of utmost importance to function normally. Many people suffer from depression in various degrees, which has become ...

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Deadly disease causing germs that call your smartphone home

The thought of being separated from your smartphone can give you the jitters. We carry our phone everywhere with us, ...

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Precautions you need to take when visiting countries with endemic Zika        

The Zika virus has given the entire world a huge scare.  It is spread by mosquito bites and can also ...

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Colorectal Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

A cancerous growth in the colon or rectum, which is the large intestine of our body is known as colorectal ...

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Alternative and effective treatments that can be used for ADHD

ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) that affects about 10% of school going kids does not have a permanent cure but demands ...

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Your emotional health is tied to the wellbeing of your shoulders

You must have heard the phase ‘He managed to carry the whole world on his shoulders’. If you think over ...

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Essential oils have a big role to play in allergy relief

These days due to immense use of technologies and increasing industries, our mother nature is getting harmed to a large ...

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