splendid coffee masks

Discover the magic of splendid coffee masks

Beautiful skin is every woman’s dream. For this beautiful and lovely skin, you need to put in a few extra ...

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home spa tricks

Pamper and caress your body with these awesome home spa tricks

All of us like to pamper our bodies. Pampering it with spa treatment seems like heaven but at the same ...

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Nestyseat offers  1

Nestyseat offers relief for people with Decubitus

Many elderly people suffer commonly from the problem of decubitus. Thus, they face issues while sitting on a flat bench ...

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REX Super Brain stimulates (2)

REX Super Brain stimulates the mind with a magnetic field

The general wellbeing of our body is controlled by the brain. Our physical and emotional well-being is all at the ...

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ultimate healthy lifestyle

Three easy steps to build an ultimate healthy lifestyle

If you ask anyone what their biggest concerns are for their life and what they find the most important, there’s ...

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addiction (4)

Two ways to recover from addiction: one right, one troublesome

“Your problems will go away when you stop drinking, not the other way around,” said a friend of mine recently.

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home cooked food (3)

How home cooked food can be saved from unintentional food poisoning

People prefer eating home food because it is nutritious, healthy and not harmful as the foods available outdoors. However, you ...

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treating insomnia

Home remedies for treating insomnia

There can be many reasons for insomnia such as depression, stress, heavy meal before sleeping etc. and these reasons keep ...

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Skin care

Best home remedies for relief and treatment of measles

Measles is a contagious disease with cold, fever and pink spots over the body as its symptoms.Caused by the virus ...

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Home remedies that can help with the treatment of gingivitis

Gingivitis or plaque is a very common problem with individuals who do not take care of their oral hygiene. The ...

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Heel pain

The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager – A boon for aching feet

While sometimesyou have some medical issues with your feet, you may simply tire your feet at other times by intense ...

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drug addiction

Obstacles addicts face in the early stages of recovery

Early recovery from drug addiction is marred by physical symptoms from withdrawal. The mind and body both are clouded by ...

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