International Day against Drug Abuse

All you need to know about International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

The exponential rise in the number of drug abusers as well as illicit human trafficking is undeniably one of the ...

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Kardia Mobile Portable EKG (2)

Easy way to get your ECG with Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by Alive Cor

An electrocardiogram is a must for checking the problems with the electrical activity of one’s heart.Cardiologists give a lot of ...

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prevent scalp irritation

Effective home remedies to prevent scalp irritation

Itchy, rough scalps can be due to dandruff, dryness, head lice, improper diet, stress, unhygienic hair and other fungal infections. ...

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deal with pinkeye

Home remedies to help you deal with pinkeye

Pinkeye, often termed as conjunctivitis is a viral or bacterial infection observed when allergies and pollen counts are high. This ...

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Keratosis Pilaris

Cause, prevention and treatment of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a common, gentle skin disorder that has its effect on adolescents and adults.The skin disorder is identified ...

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World Blood Donor Day

All you need to know about World Blood Donor Day

Donating blood amounts to saving a precious life, or gifting life to someone in need of blood.  As we know, ...

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homemade gym

Your homemade gym with terrific home gym equipment

All of us want to keep in shape. In order to look slim and trim one of the most common ...

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health benefits of ginger tea

Take the advantage of the overwhelming health benefits of ginger tea

Ginger is an important part of our food. It should be noted that ginger does not only add flavour to ...

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splendid coffee masks

Discover the magic of splendid coffee masks

Beautiful skin is every woman’s dream. For this beautiful and lovely skin, you need to put in a few extra ...

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home spa tricks

Pamper and caress your body with these awesome home spa tricks

All of us like to pamper our bodies. Pampering it with spa treatment seems like heaven but at the same ...

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Nestyseat offers  1

Nestyseat offers relief for people with Decubitus

Many elderly people suffer commonly from the problem of decubitus. Thus, they face issues while sitting on a flat bench ...

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REX Super Brain stimulates (2)

REX Super Brain stimulates the mind with a magnetic field

The general wellbeing of our body is controlled by the brain. Our physical and emotional well-being is all at the ...

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