Erythritol –The sweetener that’s coming up as a popular alternative

Seen as a better alternative to conventional sugar, Erythritol, though new to the sugar substitute market, is gaining a strong ...

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There is a fascinating link between the music you love and the food you eat

Music is a rewarding companion in our lives and it takes no genius to know that his form of art ...

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Easy tips for creating a balanced health triangle

Comparing good health to a tripod with three legs, each leg signifying an important aspect of daily life, eighth-graders from ...

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A few things to know about tonsil stones

Tonsils are tiny glandular structures that lie at the back of our throats, near the posterior borders of the tongue. ...

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Having a nutrient rich diet may help you better deal with anxiety

While the mainstream approach to treating anxiety is through counseling and medications, the holistic approach is highly focused on bringing ...

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Get in shape by adopting the Prasouda diet plan

Have you ever noticed an uncanny similarity that is present in almost all Mediterranean people? They are mostly very well-built, ...

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Healthy diet options for women hoping to conceive

If you are trying to conceive, then most experts would prescribe you with a healthier diet regimen. This powerful health ...

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Facial exercises that can help you steer clear of signs of aging and stress

Stress and pollution couple to produce facial signs of aging and this toxic mixture is an undeniable and inescapable reality ...

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Why storing stem cells could be a great option for you

Stem cells are found in all multicellular organisms and have the unique capability to renew and multiply to create a ...

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Tips to stay safe of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease affecting the joints of bones, which results in painful inflammation and subsequent stiffness in joints. It ...

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Phytochemicals could play a big role in cancer prevention

A group of mysterious compounds found in plant food, the phytochemicals remain a center of attraction for many researchers trying ...

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Self-hypnosis as a route to an improved health

Hypnotherapy is one of the many poorly understood therapeutic tools in the medical field. While many believe that it is ...

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