World Mosquito Day - August 20

All you need to know about the World Mosquito Day – August 20

On 20th August every year, the whole world observes the World Mosquito Day. In the year 1897, Sir Donald Ross, ...

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Mediterranean diet  (1)

Mediterranean diet – One of the most recommended diets

Mediterranean diet brings before us lovely olives, vegetables, fruits etc. This diet is becoming highly popular among the health conscious. ...

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Young couple in the bed

Health tips that can enable men to have a better sex life

An important part of married life is sexual life. For a successful married life both the partners need to be ...

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risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Brain games that can help reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease

US Researcher’s presented the analysis of a 10-year study on patients to evaluate if computerized brain training programs could reduce ...

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link between alcohol and deadly cancer

Understanding the link between alcohol and deadly cancer

Statistics say alcohol is responsible for almost 2.5 million deaths worldwide every year. Alcohol is a precursor to several deadly ...

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quit drinking soda

If you still need convincing, here’s why you should quit drinking soda

Sodas are almost everywhere, whether you are sitting in a restaurant, a bar, grocery shopping or at a gas station. ...

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medicinal benefits out of marijuana

Reaping the medicinal benefits out of marijuana

The first direct reference to theuse of cannabis for medical purposes is in 2737 BC, relating to mystical Emperor Shen ...

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The World Hepatitis Day (2)

What The World Hepatitis Day Means To You

The World Hepatitis day is celebrated every year on the 28th of July on the birthday of Nobel Laureate Baruch ...

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use of abortion pills (2)

The disadvantages that may come with the use of abortion pills

Millions of women around the world consider abortion pills as their first resort when it comes to terminating an unwanted ...

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This portable smart scale for nutrition is one of a kind

The developers call this device Slate and claim it to be the World’s first portable smart scale for nutrition. The ...

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healthy in the rainy season (2)

Simple tips to keep you healthy in the rainy season

Monsoon gives respite from the scorching heat of the sun. But at the same time monsoon also brings along with ...

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Quell (1)

Wear this band to get relief from chronic pain

If you are a patient of chronic pain or someone in your family or an acquaintance is suffering from chronic ...

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