REX Super Brain stimulates (2)

REX Super Brain stimulates the mind with a magnetic field

The general wellbeing of our body is controlled by the brain. Our physical and emotional well-being is all at the ...

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home cooked food (3)

How home cooked food can be saved from unintentional food poisoning

People prefer eating home food because it is nutritious, healthy and not harmful as the foods available outdoors. However, you ...

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treating insomnia

Home remedies for treating insomnia

There can be many reasons for insomnia such as depression, stress, heavy meal before sleeping etc. and these reasons keep ...

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Skin care

Best home remedies for relief and treatment of measles

Measles is a contagious disease with cold, fever and pink spots over the body as its symptoms.Caused by the virus ...

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Home remedies that can help with the treatment of gingivitis

Gingivitis or plaque is a very common problem with individuals who do not take care of their oral hygiene. The ...

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Heel pain

The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager – A boon for aching feet

While sometimesyou have some medical issues with your feet, you may simply tire your feet at other times by intense ...

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drug addiction

Obstacles addicts face in the early stages of recovery

Early recovery from drug addiction is marred by physical symptoms from withdrawal. The mind and body both are clouded by ...

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Funny woman biting her tongue

Fight off pain with these secrets from physical therapists

Physical therapists can bring great results, but also bring out treatment effects that are long lasting. Read on to know ...

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Things to avoid when looking for rehab in Florida

Unfortunately, there is one thing you will find in many Florida drug rehabs: a dark side. The Sunshine State has ...

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Study your face

Study your face for a pre-emptive fight for your health

You face is like a mirror that reflects your health status. A mere glance at your face can give you ...

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happy laughing girl with fruit to their hands

Foods you love, but are hated by your teeth

Everybody knows for sure that sweet foods are not good for our teeth and others such as soda, and other ...

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Sore Red Eye. Chalazion and Blepharitis. Inflammation

Home remedies to help stave off eylid sty

It starts with itchiness on the eyelash follicles and becomes a hard, red lump. Eyelid sty is painful as well, ...

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Children's Health

friendly with child

Tips on Working Through Child Speech Issues With Reading

  There are a variety of things that a parent can do when trying to increase their child’s brain power. ...

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Curing bedwetting

Curing bedwetting by travelling the route of natural remedies

Bedwetting is a condition that is quite frustrating and annoying for both children (if they are old enough to understand) ...

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cradle cap

Natural treatment for cradle cap

Cradle Cap is a patchy, yellowish, greasy, scaly appearance on the scalp, which usually is the first skin trouble in ...

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infantile eczema

Easy and natural ways for relief in infantile eczema

Baby skin is so soft and sensitive that even a mild thing can give their skin a major rash, or ...

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Skin Health


What I Should Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery

The number of plastic surgeries performed today have grown significantly. You can boost your chances of enjoying a greater outcome ...

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rough overworked hands

DIY tips and tricks to rejuvenate rough overworked hands

Working with sand and water every day and owing to some other reasons your soft hands have become overworked hands. ...

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Shape and beauty

Effective remedies to deal with butt acne

You do not have any problem talking about your facial acne but you tend to shy away when it is ...

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Young beautiful woman scraching her self.

Home remedies for the treatment of scabies

Scabies is an extremely uncomfortable and disturbing itchy condition caused by a mite known as the Sarcoptes Scabiei.The mite burrows ...

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Healthy Living


Simple but efficient ways you can keep your teeth healthier

Making sure that all of the elements of your physical appearance are at peak condition is a lot harder than ...

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Woman swallowing pill

Common mistakes that you should never make with pain meds

If you take pain medicines for any reason, then you should be mindful of their proper use. As several pain ...

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woman drinks a lot of medical tablets from a spoon

Things you should know about Acetaminophen Toxicity

Acetaminophen toxicity is quite a common form of poisoning worldwide, as people fail to realize the deadly effects of its ...

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Portrait of beautiful woman with bottle of alcohol drink

What can I expect for someone entering a rehab facility for alcohol addiction?

Entering a rehab facility for the first time can be a daunting experience and it can be equally so if ...

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Women's Health

back pain

Using acupuncture to deal with pregnancy back pain

Pregnancy is a miraculous time, one of much excitement and anticipation. This miracle of life however, does come with some ...

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Plastic surgery doctor draw line patient breast

Breast Enhancement Surgery Explained

For most people, looking good is important. As a result, the majority of us take care of ourselves. We exercise, ...

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Pain in abdomen

Irregular Periods – two periods in a month

Irregular periods, you must be familiar with this term and it means different for different women. The normal cycle ranges ...

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pelvic inflammatory disease

Home remedies for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease

When sexually transmitted bacteria enters vagina and then spreads to uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, it becomes a condition known ...

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Checking for symptoms and signs of Dysgeusia

Dysgeusia is an uncommon problem that includes abnormal change of taste in people. People with this type of disorder may ...

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Female Asperger problem_1

The problems that make it difficult to diagnose the female Asperger’s Syndrome

Female Asperger problem is rising slowly. However, surprising fact is that there are test to diagnose male Aspergers, but no ...

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Spotting dyslexia

Dyslexia has been present since long but has got the necessary attention in the last few years. Although it is ...

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Vital health checks to save your life

Health is Wealth, wise men have rightly said. In today’s world, calling yourself healthy judging by your external appearance is ...

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Bad Breath? Tips to a Healthy Mouth

  Morning mouth is a common problem that typically occurs after a long night of rest. However, halitosis is an ...

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poor sleeping pattern

Sleep deprivation and stress are a lethal combination

  We all go through difficult periods in our lives and there are many factors that affect our ability to ...

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Osteoporosis risk factors you need to be aware of

      Osteoporosis is often known as a ‘silent’ disease because it can exist within the body, slowly stripping ...

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 Living with Chronic Pain

    An Estimated 10 million people are living with chronic pain in the UK, and while most medical professionals ...

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