Happy pregnancy

Surrogacy is giving hope to hundreds of couples

There are few other joys so precious as to have one’s own child and hold that bundle of joy close ...

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Abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating

Fixing a Hiatal Hernia naturally

Hiatal Hernia has seen an upsurge in recent years because it has a close connection with inactive and unhealthy lifestyles, ...

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Young fit woman in shower

DIY dry shampoo recipes using common kitchen ingredients

You are either stuck in a place where washing your hair is just not possible, or your busy morning schedule ...

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Omamori  (3)

Omamori – Health Monitoring Kit to keep tabs on your health

Benson Lee, a Singapore based designer who understood the hassles of visiting health clinics for routine checkups every now and ...

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Unhappy woman

Suit your hair-type with these DIY hair masks

You like your tresses to breathe a new life to your style all the time, but changes in seasons and ...

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First Response Monitor (1)

First Response Monitor designed to save lives in disasters

Cambridge Design Partnership, a technology and design consultancy nestled in UK has created a special design that is going to ...

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Shape and beauty

Effective remedies to deal with butt acne

You do not have any problem talking about your facial acne but you tend to shy away when it is ...

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Ear Reflexology

DIY health hacks that can keep you more comfortable and fit

Sometimes things are not that hard as you think them to be. For instance, everyday health issues, you tend to ...

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happy laughing girl with fruit to their hands

Foods you love, but are hated by your teeth

Everybody knows for sure that sweet foods are not good for our teeth and others such as soda, and other ...

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Sore Red Eye. Chalazion and Blepharitis. Inflammation

Home remedies to help stave off eylid sty

It starts with itchiness on the eyelash follicles and becomes a hard, red lump. Eyelid sty is painful as well, ...

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Day Old Baby Sierra

Manganese in North Carolina Well Water Can Pose Risks to Newborns

    Aggregated data about metals found in well water in North Carolina indicate disturbing connections between well water and ...

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Gum and Tooth Abscess_1

Five Steps to Stop Gums from Bleeding

Although fairly common, bleeding gums are a sign that trouble is brewing in your mouth. More specifically, they are caused ...

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Children's Health

Curing bedwetting

Curing bedwetting by travelling the route of natural remedies

Bedwetting is a condition that is quite frustrating and annoying for both children (if they are old enough to understand) ...

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cradle cap

Natural treatment for cradle cap

Cradle Cap is a patchy, yellowish, greasy, scaly appearance on the scalp, which usually is the first skin trouble in ...

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infantile eczema

Easy and natural ways for relief in infantile eczema

Baby skin is so soft and sensitive that even a mild thing can give their skin a major rash, or ...

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Progeria (2)

Dealing with Progeria

Progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome is an extremely rare health condition. It is a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to ...

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Skin Health

Shape and beauty

Effective remedies to deal with butt acne

You do not have any problem talking about your facial acne but you tend to shy away when it is ...

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Young beautiful woman scraching her self.

Home remedies for the treatment of scabies

Scabies is an extremely uncomfortable and disturbing itchy condition caused by a mite known as the Sarcoptes Scabiei.The mite burrows ...

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attractive girl with freckles

DIY remedies to get rid of freckles

Brown spots on skin, some small in size and some big and are signs of skin damage, we are talking ...

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Young beautiful woman scratching her self.

Treat itchy skin problems with these simple home remedies

Itchy skin, we all experience it at some point or the other, and depending upon its severity, it can be ...

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Healthy Living

Woman is clutching her chest, acute pain possible Heart attack

Foods that help unclog arteries naturally

Cardiovascular diseases have become one of the most prominent killers in today’s world, as so many people die owing to ...

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Sweet potatoes are our sweet health

Sweet potatoes are our sweet health buddies

Sweet potatoes are readily available on the market and are inexpensive but they provide some very big health benefits to ...

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healthy food

Simple Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in 2015

It is common to start the year out with resolutions of getting into shape or losing x amount of weight. ...

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Risks Of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can result in a host of serious consequences. Individuals with the condition starve their body of the essential ...

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Women's Health

pelvic inflammatory disease

Home remedies for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease

When sexually transmitted bacteria enters vagina and then spreads to uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, it becomes a condition known ...

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Young girl having abdominal cramps

Tame your irregular periods with some home remedies

Oligomenorrhea is a condition wherein women experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle. The irregularity here refers to the irregularity or ...

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Mother breastfeeding her baby boy

Home remedies to deal with breast milk deficiency in new mothers

Breast milk is the sole nutritional source in the initial days and a very important source even later as well. ...

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An image of young woman's lips, chin and shoulders.

Remedies that solve the problem of upper lip hair in women

Unwanted hair on a woman’s face, especially the upper lip hair look and feel pathetic. Women try all sorts of ...

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Checking for symptoms and signs of Dysgeusia

Dysgeusia is an uncommon problem that includes abnormal change of taste in people. People with this type of disorder may ...

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Female Asperger problem_1

The problems that make it difficult to diagnose the female Asperger’s Syndrome

Female Asperger problem is rising slowly. However, surprising fact is that there are test to diagnose male Aspergers, but no ...

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Spotting dyslexia

Dyslexia has been present since long but has got the necessary attention in the last few years. Although it is ...

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Vital health checks to save your life

Health is Wealth, wise men have rightly said. In today’s world, calling yourself healthy judging by your external appearance is ...

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 Living with Chronic Pain

    An Estimated 10 million people are living with chronic pain in the UK, and while most medical professionals ...

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thumb up

Know the sneaky Binge Eating Disorder so you never fall prey

Overeating is something we all know very well, as some time or the other we all have done it. Taking ...

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Curcumin and Cancer: The Evidence

Curcumin is a dietary compound from the Indian spice turmeric. Studies are increasingly concluding that regular consumption of curcumin can ...

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drug addiction

5 Signs of Addiction and What You Can Do About It

There are many different forms of addiction in the world today, and no matter what is controlling your life or ...

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