This portable smart scale for nutrition is one of a kind

The developers call this device Slate and claim it to be the World’s first portable smart scale for nutrition. The ...

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Quell (1)

Wear this band to get relief from chronic pain

If you are a patient of chronic pain or someone in your family or an acquaintance is suffering from chronic ...

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Medicine eyedropper

Demystify your myths about vision and eye care

These are some of the myths about vision, which you probably might be hearing from a long time. Now is ...

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running injuries

Save yourself from these running injuries

Running ain’t just for fun, it has a host of advantages right from burning calories to getting mental relief. The ...

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Nourishing your body

Nourishing your body before and after a workout

You understand the benefits of working out, that is the reason you are on this page. As an exercise fan, ...

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get rid of dandruff

Natural treatments that can help you get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is, as you know not a harmful, contagious, itchy and irritating problem. Of course, how can we forget that ...

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Instant Heart Rate

Some apps designed exclusively for senior citizens with different medical conditions

In the recent years, due to dramatic upgrade of healthcare technology and scientific evolution, the average life expectancy has increased ...

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iBreathe  (3)

iBreathe world’s first wearable air purifier

Air quality is one thing that we all probably are worried about in the contemporary times. Certain cities in the ...

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Type 2 Diabetes

How going vegan cuts Type 2 Diabetes

Going vegan is all the rage nowadays, especially after the recent discovery that the plants based diet can significantly lower ...

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woman eating at a piece juicy watermelon

Simple remedies to reduce body temperature to normal

Just in case you have forgotten, the normal body temperature is 98.6°F. A little bit here and there is fine, ...

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swollen lymph glands

DIY methods for dealing with swollen lymph glands

Lymph nodes or Lymph glands are a part of the Lymphatic system and are present all over the body. The ...

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Athlete’s foot

Some remedies for Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin of the foot. The fungus targets the area that is ...

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