Delicious no added sugar snacks for healthy snacking


If you’ve decided to forego sugar in your diet, you must have noticed the scarcity of snacks which are sugarfree. You can’t just go to the vending machines and grab a bar of chocolate or that pack of crunchies, as all these things contain sugar. Even the packed savory snacks have sugar which you should avoid. The best way is to make your own sugarless snack, which have lots of flavor, freshness and taste. There won’t be any preservatives as well. Make your snacks in bulk so that you something on hand always to eat. Check out these no added sugar snacks ideas which will give you many more ideas to create your favorite snack:

Raw chickpea salad

Raw-chickpea-salad.Let the base of your salad be raw chickpeas. Cut some onions, tomatoes and green chillies if you want to spice it up. Add garnish like coriander leaves and enjoy this delicious and healthy salad which curbs your hunger pangs. It’s another excellent no added sugar snacks you can make and eat anytime.

Roasted, crunchy chickpeas

All doctors are now prescribing chickpeas, as they are healthy and nutritious. They can be roasted in a trice, with just a little salt. Packed with fiber and protein, chickpeas will keep you full for a long time. You can make a large batch at one time of no sugar snacks recipes, like this one, and store in mason jars. Bring them to work, take them to eat on the go, and if movie theaters allow, replace popcorn with these tiny powerhouses.

Chocolate, wheat bran and oatmeal cookies

oatmeal cookiesIf you’re fond of baking, make a batch of cookies with the three ingredients – wheatbran, oatmeal and chocolate cookies. Add some natural sweetener like stevia to get the sweetness, which also makes it one of those low sugar snacks for weight loss.  Have these cookies whenever you have the urge to eat something sweet, at breakfast, brunch or middle of the night!

Nuts and fruits combo

Consuming a few nuts every day will give you the daily dose of healthy fat that your need. Some combinations of nuts and fruits which complement each other are almonds and oranges, walnuts and apples, pistachios and blueberries.

Roasted almonds with chia seeds


This recipe is the best – you can use it to sprinkle on salads or just to snack on. Roast some almonds with salt and chia seeds to get the benefits of both almonds and chia seeds. It’s a great emergency snack and can be stored in jars once you make it.


Indulge in a fresh fruit platter every day. Sliced apples, bananas, papaya, pomegranate seeds, kiwis – you can add all these to fulfill your craving for sweet. Another combination you can try is  pineapples and apples sprinkled with black salt – it adds some extra flavor making the fruits unbelievably tasty.

All fresh fruits are healthy, and you should definitely eat the seasonal ones, as they taste the best in that season. Depending on which part of the planet you live, you will have access to different fruits which grow naturally in your part of the world. Eating the locally available fruits will be healthy and cheap too. All doctors also recommend eating locally available, fresh fruit.

Carrot dip for vegetables

Carrot-dip-for-vegetablesOf course, one of the healthiest no added sugar snacking ideas is broccoli bites, raw tomato bowls and cucumber sticks. But instead of just chewing the veggies, make your veggie snack tastier. Make a roasted carrot, tahini and pepper dip and see how delicious your veggies suddenly become. In fact, you’d forget about the chocolate bars you’re craving for with delicious no sugar snacks recipes like this one.

Pecan, date, coconut bites

Low sugar snacks for weight loss should have natural sugars to give you energy, especially if you are working out and exercising to lose weight. Mix shredded coconut, pecans, almond butter and sweet dates to make a sweet and energy filled no added sugar snacks. 

Homemade granola bars


Even the most sugarless and organic granola bar you buy from the grocery store is packed with sugar. To control the amount of sugar, make granola bars at home. The ingredients you will need are oats, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, dates and nuts you like. Grind the oatmeal into flour. Add a cup of water to the oat flour and mix thoroughly.

Add some sweetener like stevia or add some dates which you have ground into a paste earlier. Preheat your oven at 325 F. Add the seeds, nut pieces and cranberries, dates’ paste into the oats mix. After mixing well, spread this mixture on a pan evenly. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the mix becomes firm, at 325 F. Let it cool. Your homemade sugar free snacks for adults and kids is ready! Store in the fridge to enjoy later.

Homemade muesli

Muesli is touted as being one of those super healthy no added sugar snacks. But packaged muesli is often chock full of sugar. Make this wonderful muesli snack at home, which fulfils the requirements of sugar free snacks for adults as well as kids.

All you need is some cornflakes (unsweetened), peanuts, almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, dates, chia seeds, flax seed powder, cinnamon powder and anything else you have at home. You can eat this in office or at home and carry it around to eat on the go. Very satisfying and incredibly healthy no added sugar snacks like this one will keep you energized all the time!

Yogurt popsicles


Here’s another great no added sugar snacks recipe. You need 2 cups of yogurt, 1 cup of diced mango, ¼ th cup shredded coconut (unsweetened and toasted), 5 strawberries and 1 lime zest. Blend the mango and yogurt into a smooth puree. Spread this into a 1/4th inch tray lined with parchment. Add the coconut, strawberries and lime zest on top. Freeze it for about two hours until it is completely frozen. Break it into pieces and enjoy your delicious low sugar snacks for weight loss.

This snack will make all your friends who are slurping on their sugar filled ice cream turn green with envy, and they’ll be begging you for the recipe!

Eating healthy snacks will solve many problems in your life. Store bought sweet or savory snacks are filled with sugar and triglycerides. Make your own tasty snacks and you will see your health and energy levels go up in no time at all.

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