Why Your Home Needs an Essential Oils Diffuser

Your Home Needs an Essential Oils Diffuser

If you are pursuing natural remedies, you should consider buying an essential oil diffuser. Aromatherapy has numerous benefits that you should explore. Here are some reasons to buy a diffuser for your home:

Mood Elevation

A diffuser can help you to boost the moods of everyone in the house. Whether you are feeling depressed or sad, this device can help to infuse some happiness into your home. If you are feeling lazy, you can use a diffuser to release an essential oil that will energize you into the air.

The essential oils that you need for mood elevation are sandal wood, jasmine, sweet orange, and vanilla.

Sleep and Relaxation

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Do you suffer from insomnia? You can use essential oils to wind down after a busy day at work. Although you can use other methods to get these oils into your system, a diffuser is the best. It works by releasing oil molecules into the air, which you will breathe into your lungs then move into your blood stream.

If you want to relax at work, you should buy a small diffuser for the office and use it during breaks. You should use lavender, clary sage, and chamomile oils to unwind after work and get better sleep.

Ward off Illnesses

Using a diffuser frequently will help you to keep illnesses such as flu and cold at bay, which happens on three levels. Firstly, essential oils have powerful antimicrobial properties; this means that they tackle pathogens in the air before they enter your body. Secondly, essential oils are great for boosting the immune system.

Finally, some diffusers work as humidifiers that keep your airways healthy and moist, making you less prone to microbes. The best essential oils for warding off illnesses include rosemary, tea tree, sage, and lemon.

Improve Cognitive Function


If you want to super charge your brain cells, you need to use a diffuser. This works on many levels, the first of which is that essential oils have adaptogenic qualities, meaning that they soothe a stressed-up brain. Moreover, the oils can boost your mood when you are feeling blue.

When your mood is stable, you will be able to focus more. You can also use essential oils to balance the hormone levels in the body. When you use a diffuser regularly, you might end up healing the underlying causes that interfere with your cognitive function. Pine, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon oils work best for improving cognitive function.

Better Breathing

According to, essential oils help to reduce congestion and inflammation, which improves your breathing. If you have breathing disorders or are susceptible to allergies, you need to diffuse an essential oil in your bedroom before sleeping. Keep a box of tissues nearby because your sinuses will open and your nose will start running.

The best essential oils for clearing up your nose are lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Pain Relief

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Although many people apply essential oils directly to their skin for pain relief, you can use a diffuser. If you suffer from chronic pain such as headaches and sore joints, you need to diffuse ginger, lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus oil.

Repel Insects

Whether you are dealing with an infestation of houseflies or moths, you can put some essential oils in your diffuser to chase the insects away. The best insect repelling oils are cedar wood, clove, rosemary, and lemongrass.

An oil diffuser is a worthy investment for all the above reasons. Just make sure that you shop around to find the best diffuser for your aromatherapy needs. You can talk to a certified aromatherapy expert if you need recommendations.

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