6 Reasons Why Consuming Marijuana is Much Better Than Smoking


With numerous states legalizing marijuana usage for both medical and recreational purposes, the plant seems to have found significant purpose for many. Research is also coming around to the notion that marijuana is an influential herb that can curb chronic pain and improve certain health conditions. While there’s evidence that it’s a powerful substance with a number of benefits, is it actually better to consume the leafy green product or smoke it?

Different Form of High

Professionals in the healthcare industry are finding that marijuana can prove helpful in treating conditions such as glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, decrease anxiety and prevent cancer from spreading throughout the body. While some are still under the misconception that marijuana is solely for smoking purposes, weed edibles are quickly gaining in popularity. Marijuana when smoked produces giggly, binge-eating, lethargic types of symptoms. But when ingesting the herb through baked treats, candy or other forms, the effect is more pleasant to both your body and mind.

Longer Lasting High

States such as Colorado saw a huge boon from the legalization of marijuana with revenue from taxes, licenses and fees over $72 billion. With the industry growing daily, it’s important to find dispensaries near your house. The right dispensary is also your ultimate guide to the best products and at the cheapest rates. If you’re looking for a mild and longer lasting high, you may want to think about eating marijuana.

The smoke of the plant is quick acting and dispenses THC into your nervous system. The high could come on as quick as a couple of minutes. It may also last for a few hours. When you consume the herb through food or drink, it could take up to an hour or more to take effect. It may also remain within the system of your body for up to seven or more hours. The end result is a laid back high.

Avoid the Crash

The post-high fall is one of the worst parts of using marijuana. It’s the primary reason so many people who need the herb for therapeutic assistance are discouraged by its effects. The let-down comes at a price in the form of tiredness, irritability and lethargy. You may even become useless for the rest of the day because of the crash. But eating marijuana is different as it’s slower to take. It also uses other body pathways to get into your system. You can eat it in the morning or late afternoon without it harming your normal routine.

Prevents Mouth and Throat Complications

throat infection

Smoking marijuana comes at a price, similar to what you would find with cigar, cigarettes and pipe smoking. It limits your saliva production and may cause dry mouth. Smoking the herb can also contribute to lung, throat and mouth cancers. Although there is still more research that needs to be done on the subject, there appears to be fewer toxic effects from eating marijuana than smoking it.

Enjoy a Full-Body Feeling

Distributing marijuana throughout the body by smoking the herb produces a high. But it doesn’t distribute those feelings evenly because it seeps into your lungs first. If you’re looking for relief from pain by consuming marijuana in liquid and food form, eating the cannabinoids provides a soothing effect to the brain and body.

Less Wasteful

If you’re still unsure whether smoking marijuana is better than consuming it, you can save money by using the defective offcuts. Whether you use the marijuana for baked goods, in drinks or snacks, you’ll prove less wasteful when you gather up the herb remnants to make weed brownie or cookie batter out of the leftover pieces.

Before you head to your local dispensary and gobble up their edible offerings, take note. Eating the herb is much different than smoking it. But when you’re familiar with the timing and different feelings that you’ll soon experience, you’ll probably come to agree that the consumption benefits outweigh the inhaling effects.

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