Signs that reveal you have male hormonal imbalance    

Hormonal imbalance

Testosterone, estrogen and prolactin are some male hormones, imbalance which can happen to anyone at any stage of life. Testostrerone is the male hormone responsible for male features in the body such as body hair, facial hair, maintaining muscles and bones, and producing sperm. Symptoms of imbalance of the male hormones appear gradually. Most men do not notice these at first but over time, as they become worse, they become apparent. Check out some signs which might indicate that you may be suffering from male hormonal imbalance:



This is commonly known as male menopause and occurs usually in older men, due to decline of testosterone hormone in the body.

Erectile dysfunction

This is another sign of male hormone imbalance. Due to prolactin levels being high and lower levels of testosterone and thyroid hormone imbalance, erectile dysfunction may occur. Men facing this problem should get their hormone levels checked.

Adrenal fatigue

If you are suffering from stress for a long time, it may be because your adrenal glands are not producing enough of the hormone cortisol.


This condition i.e development of breasts in the male body is also due to male hormone imbalance. This condition, like other signs due to imbalances of your hormones can be corrected with hormone therapy. Increase of estrogen levels in the male body causes enlargement of men’s breasts and breast tenderness.

Low libido


A low libido or low sex drive is described as the state when a man loses the desire to be sexually active. According to experts, high prolactin levels and low testosterone levels which cause erectile dysfunction too, causes low libido in men. 

Hair loss


Testosterone in the male body is converted to dihyrotestosterone or DHT. DHT binds to follicle receptors of hair, it leads to finer, shorter and thinner hair.

Low energy

Persistent tiredness and fatigue can be due to low testosterone levels too. If you find your everyday activities are taking a toll on you suddenly and you get tired easily although you may be following the same routine as usual, it may be due to hormonal imbalance in your body.

Testosterone levels in your body might be taking the hit all the way through your daily chores; and, it’s indicative of the fact that you should see an expert testosterone therapist to get testosterone cypionate.

Men can have mood swings too, just as women do. If you have noticed or people have noticed that you have become grumpy and irritable one moment and the next your mood changes, you may be suffering from some form of hormonal imbalance.


Male hormones like testosterone maintain bone density. Low levels of testosterone might mean that your bones might become fragile.

Weight gain


Weight gain, especially around the abdomen, is also a sign of male hormone imbalance. The fat tissues further trigger the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which leads to even lower male hormones and you gain weight even more. It’s a vicious cycle.

Other signs

Hair loss, decreased muscle strength and mass, insomnia, hot flushes, heart palpitations, memory loss, anxiety, depression and constipation. These signs may be nothing in isolation but if you’re suffering from a number of symptoms and have no explanation for the crazy way your body’s behaving, you should go to a physician who would be able to diagnose the reason. If you need treatment for hormone imbalance, you may be advised hormonal injections. For more information on this, you can read here.

Causes of hormonal imbalance

Though the cause of imbalance will vary from person to person, still there are a few common causes of hormonal imbalance in men. Excess cardio or endurance exercises lead to testosterone levels dropping and estrogen levels increasing, thus causing imbalance in the body. Excess alcohol, stress, a diet which has a higher refined carbohydrate intake, abdominal weight, products high in xenoestrogens, cause hormonal imbalances. A healthy diet and exercise have the potential to stave off hormonal imbalance.

Men are prone to think that hormonal imbalance occurs in older men, whereas the truth is that it can occur to any man at any age. Hormonal imbalance can be easily rectified.  If you have most of the signs described above, you must go to a physician who will prescribe hormonal replacement therapy or supplements.

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