Your emotional health is tied to the wellbeing of your shoulders

You must have heard the phase ‘He managed to carry the whole world on his shoulders’. If you think over it deeply, you will understand that shoulders are a crucial part of the body that can vividly reflect your emotional health. Our body encompasses its emotion and stress through nervous system which somehow hampers the shoulders too.

The top side of the shoulders is called kinesiology which is connected to the brain and is also called as worry muscles.

The common reasons of the shoulder pain are tension and sleeping an awkward position. These major issues if not dealt at the right time can cause many problems for which you may end up requiring some intense therapies. Beyond plain physical reasons, emotional reasons too play a role in the health of your shoulders.

Shoulders tensions

Neck ache

Many people often complain about the neck pain. Well, stress targets the neck primarily but is also the shoulders where people tend to face issues due to emotional stress. Shoulder tensions are considered as the lack of resistance and more responsibilities to maintain. Sometimes if excess pressure is put on the brain due to any reason, it targets shoulders and causes pain.

Emotional health is the key

The entire psychological well-being is nothing but the emotional health. It all depends on how confident you feel about yourself, the reason that makes your relation with other so important, how you cope with difficulties, and manage your feelings. To have a mental well being does not mean eradicate the problem of stress, anxiety or depression. It goes far beyond that as other characters like recovering from setbacks, challenges of life, handling the stress and building a strong relation also play an important role.

How shoulder and emotions are connected with each other


Sometimes, your shoulders become too tight along with the muscle group called trapezius. This muscles group starts from the neck, and through mid back it is connected to shoulder as well. Mind and body both works together and for people who don’t take this fact seriously tend to ignore the major consequences of stress. If you have a stiff neck and immense pain in the shoulder, it is because of the emotional stress that you are undergoing. If you work in the night shifts or are not able to let go of certain things easily then you may face such problems frequently.

Possible treatment options

Generally, Chiropractic treatment is advised to deal with shoulder and neck tensions. This is a non invasive way to reduce the pain and tension in certain areas. To operate such type of treatment, professionals usually are trained separately and a special knowledge about the functioning of nervous system is given. Other than this, there are also some therapies that you might want to try.

Talking therapy and its benefits

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Such type of therapy offers different solutions to the people facing different problems. Some people also call it psychological therapies and so far, it has been providing effective results among the people facing shoulder tensions. It does not matter whether you are male, young, female or too old; this therapy is advised to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Mindfulness and its benefits

This is another effective treatment which targets the physical and mental well being. With such therapy you can improve your concentration and make your judgment stronger. You need to learn and understanding different mindfulness techniques.

Yoga and its benefits


If you perform yoga along with meditation, it instantly gives you relief from unnecessary stress and pain that you have been going through. It targets the nervous system and clams it down and controls the emotional changes and mood swings. It keeps your mind alert and controls your unnecessary hunger which you often face when you are too stressed out.

Other Options

Other than above mentioned options, if you perform regular workout, follow a healthy diet plan and opt for self healing treatment you will notice a good change in you and start feeling energetic and look at the positive way towards your life.

Tips to improve mental health


Mental health is quite complex and if you become a victim of any illness associated to it then it may take time to get cured and sometimes, it may not even get cured completely. The prime way to improve this can be done by staying happy and performing things that can actually make you happy. There is few brain exercises that can help you stay relaxed and deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Yoga to beat tension

There is a popular phrase which you must have heard amongst almost all health conscious people and that is yoga to beat tension; this is in fact a correct phrase, as it is the best way to release stress. There are different yoga posses such as cobra, head stand, standing forward bend, shoulder stand, the bow which you can try to slow down the stress attack. Eventually as the tension reduces, the shoulder pain reduces too and you feel more enthusiastic about doing the tasks. 

Always remember if you are emotionally healthy and have a better control on your emotions, you can easily recover from setback and control the shoulder pain without any requirement of treatment.

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