Does a situation like adderall addiction really exist?r Eating?


I was prescribed Adderall XR about one year ago, because I have attention deficit disorder (ADD). I used to take 30mg in the morning and then 20mg after school. After taking the medication regularly, I have been improving. Now, I had told my mom to discontinue the medication. But, by doing this, I feeling that the symptoms were raising again. When I used to go in a party, normally took adderall to relieve myself from depression and shyness. So, I had started to take the double dose of it. But somebody told me that it is like meth and cocaine. I have surfed about the adderall and found that it’s true. But, now I feeling addicted to the medicine and I want to quit it. Does a situation like adderall addiction exist? Now, I’m confused whether to continue or stop using it.

I want any suggestions from your side. Please, help me?





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