Review: Bemer Mat promotes better blood flow and circulation

When people think of Bemer and PEMF therapy, one of the first things that come to mind is someone lying on a Bemer mat, in a tranquil and relaxed state of being. The image, at its root, is correct, although many other applicators are used for enhancing specific modalities of Bemer treatment.

The Bemer mat is the first line of defense—and the most common one—in the Bemer product catalog of innovative technology. What greatly resembles a modern yoga mat, actually contains tightly wound spiral coils that when activated by the B. Box control unit, create a “pulsed” electromagnetic field.

It is through this field that the Bemer mat technology promotes increased blood flow and circulation. By using the Bemer mat, the body undergoes an advantageous change, as blood flow becomes quicker and more efficient. By simply lying down and allowing the body to rest from head to toe on Bemer mat for 8 minutes, twice daily, the user is the recipient of positive effects of PEMF.

Users of the Bemer mat report such results as decreases in pain, improved healing time, improved sleep, nerve regeneration, improved immunity, reduced stress, improved weight control, improved muscle tone, and an overall sense of increased wellness.

The relaxed nature of the Bemer mat, as an applicator, allows users to benefit from the technology, while lying down and reading a book, watching television, or taking a quick afternoon nap.

Bemermat circulation is essential for the circulatory system to fire on all cylinders, carrying blood through every nook and cranny of your body inside tubes we know as vessels. Blood is essential. It transports fresh oxygen from the lungs to the body’s many tissues, as well as feeding those same tissues critical nutrients for growth and daily maintenance. The Bemer mat facilitates this circulation and allows this process to occur effectively, without hindrance, and in a short and efficient time frame.

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