Benefits of Plank workouts

Plank workouts

The Essence to a positive lifestyle requires you to be physically and mentally fit. As you age, you need to have a cautious approach towards your mind and body. Body Transformation through planning is essential to carry out all daily activities. People are either lazy or just sick to follow a regular gym regime. This has a great impact on their health. People find it nearly impossible to go the gym on regular basis.

Throughout history, bodyweight exercises have been an integral part of an individual’s fitness regime. It is gaining recognition now due to its simplicity, and practicality of using one’s own body weight to get in shape. There are many bodyweight exercises; Planks being the most effective. It can be done just about anywhere. The overall effectiveness of plank workouts is that it enhances co-ordination and overall movement of the body, improves body posture, and strengthens the core.

There are various health benefits of daily plank exercises.

Improves Body Posture:

Improves Body Posture

When a plank is performed it works on the entire core. It includes muscles from the pelvic girdle to the shoulder girdle. Your standing posture improves since the core abdominal muscles are strong. We all know that the benefits of having a good posture include proper alignment of bones, improved functioning of the nervous system; including breathing. Once your core is strong, you will naturally maintain a proper posture as the muscles in the abdomen have a great effect on the condition of our chest, back, neck and shoulders.

Helps to reduce Back Pain:

 Back Pain

When your posture is improved you naturally reap another benefit of daily plank exercises and that is an improved back. Planks train the overall muscles of the abdomen; thus sharing the load of holding you upright. Now, the burden is significantly improved from the back muscles as they no longer have to do all the work. If your posture is right, you naturally will not develop any pain in the shoulders and neck.

Improves Metabolism:


It is a proven fact that bodyweight exercises are very crucial in overall development of the body. Planking burns many more calories than the traditional sit-up’s or crunches. Therefore, if planks are done on a regular basis, it has the potency to burn calories even when the body is inactive. This is very vital for individuals who have desk jobs and for people who are likely to spend their whole day in front of the computer. Planks help in enhancing the overall metabolic rate of the body; thus ensuring that it remains high all day.

Improves overall balance:

 Plank workouts

If you have ever tried standing on one leg, you will realize you cannot last for more than a few seconds. Have you ever thought why?

It is because our abdominal muscles are not strong enough to give us the balance required for it. This can be significantly improved by doing daily plank exercises and different variants of planks. Doing them will not only improve your body balance, but will also ensure to give a boost in any kind of sporting activity.

Increase in Core Strength:

 Plank workouts

The most important benefit of daily plank exercises is that it strengthens your core; which are muscles, joints and bones which connect the lower and upper body. We fail to realize but our core is the most important area of the body to work on. As we engage our core the most in our daily activities. You will feel stronger, and your daily athletic ability will improve with a stronger core.

Improves Flexibility:

 Plank workouts

Planking involves stretching and expanding shoulder blades, toes, feet, the clavicle and hamstring. Thus doing them improves our overall flexibility. It is believed that flexibility is the most vital aspect to support body weight.

How to do a Plank?

Side plank

It is one of the simplest exercises which can be performed nearly anywhere. You have to first rest on your shoulders, followed by straightening your entire body. The posture is similar to that of a push-up. The core is the primary muscle along with toes, feet, shoulders, the clavicle and hamstring that is engaged during a plank. Maintain a proper form at all times. Hold the plank for about 30 seconds to a minute. Do not overdo it in the beginning. Slowly increase your plank time, as you get stronger and comfortable. Start soon and reap the benefits of daily plank exercises.

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