The role of exercise in maintaining cholesterol level

Cardio exercise

Many of us suffer from high cholesterol and related health problems due to the kind of lifestyle we lead these days. Of course, medicines are available to control cholesterol levels, but most of us are not aware about long-term benefits of exercise in maintaining cholesterol. Proper exercises and workouts can help to prevent the cholesterol problems from the starting stage.

Increased cholesterol level causes the dumping of excess cholesterol in arteries that result in the narrowing of blood vessels and related health problems. High cholesterol results in diseases like stroke, pulmonary embolism, coronary artery disease, and deep venous thrombosis.

In scientific term, cholesterol is not a serious hazard; they are the body wax that creates inside the body. The problems rise when we take the high content oil food and other cholesterol filled junk foods without proper exercise or workout. There are two major kinds of cholesterol in our body. The first one is LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and second is HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). LDL is known as bad cholesterol since it causes serious health hazards whereas HDL is known as good cholesterol since it does not cause serious issues. It is advisable to keep low LDL and high HDL for maintaining the fitness of our body.

Role of exercise

Exercises help to lower the high cholesterol by melting the excess LDL that deposits inside the blood arteries thereby lowering the blood pressure to normal level. According to the research, exercise help to decrease the cholesterol mainly in two ways:

1. Some research studies in University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver revealed that early morning exercise help to reduce the triglycerides in our body. These early morning exercise help to maintain the postprandial plasma-triglyceride in accurate level for the whole day.

2. Some research papers in University of Massachusetts Medical Center shows that normal exercises and workouts help to increase the HDL level. Exercises like bike riding, cycling, walking, swimming, and jogging increases the HDL level of our body. In spite of the heavy workouts and exercises, the regular exercise works that lasts for 30-45 minutes are more effective to increase the HDL level.

Variety of exercises for lowering the cholesterol level

There are different types of exercises that help to reduce the high cholesterol. Here is a list of exercise for you.

  1. Stretching

It is the most important part of all fitness programs. Stretching improves the body stiffness and strength. Stretching should be performed before and after the workout periods. This helps to prepare the body muscles for exercise programs. Stretching also help to prevent muscle strains and injuries.

2. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are also known as aerobic exercises. These kinds of exercises help to strengthen the lungs and heart muscles, which helps in effective oxygen transmission throughout the body and keeps you energetic for the whole day. Aerobic exercise mainly strengthens the entire muscle set of body and keeps them active. Practicing aerobic exercise helps to reduce the LDL level and maintains the HDL level to normal rate. Easy workout practices like cycling, walking, swimming, skating, rowing, jogging, brisk walking, skiing, etc. fall in this category.

3. Strength training

Strength training involves the use of various machinery for workout programs. Muscle building programs involved in strength training program help to burn the excess calories and cholesterol, thus helping in maintaining the normal cholesterol level.

4. Yoga and Tai Chi

The exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi also have great role in maintaining the cholesterol level of body. These exercises include many stretching, relaxing, and breathing techniques that help to improve the effective blood flow to each part of the body. In truth, these relaxing techniques help to produce the hormone, which maintains the high HDL level in body. Meditation and stretching techniques involved in Yoga and Tai Chi avoids the contraction of arteries.

As the lifestyle diseases are on the rise, numerous studies and researches indicate that exercise and cardio activities along with dietary realignment might be the best solution to control the health related problems associated with cholesterol. Thus, it is more beneficial and healthy procedure to practice the regular exercises rather than running behind the high cost daily pills.

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