Keeping the Homestead Safe for Our Children


The idea of keeping our children safe has evolved over the years. We have done vaccinations, watched over their diets, checked temperatures, taught them to not talk to strangers, how to cross the road safely, and even what substances are safe to consume. There are other ways of keeping them safe that may not even be thought of. If you want to give your child the safest and most nurturing environment possible, keep reading to consider some other ideas.

Watching Out for Bedbugs

Bed Bug

Bedbugs, along with all sorts of other pests, are a common occurrence in certain parts of the country – mostly where it’s warm for the majority of the year. It isn’t so much a matter of being unclean but rather the resilience of the bedbug and how easily they reproduce. Unfortunately, children are more susceptible to bed bug infestations by picking them up from other children. Not only can they help spread the pests unknowingly but they are also less likely to tell you about the bug bites and rashes that might be hidden on their bodies.

Again, bedbugs can strike anywhere; thinking they only affect “dirty people” would be a mistake. The city of Raleigh, North Carolina, for example, isn’t notoriously dirty or unsanitary – in fact it’s renowned for its beauty – yet its citizens are often tasked with fighting off bedbugs, some of which are spread through schools. Raleigh can’t help but be invaded by pests now and then. For a fast return to a bedbug-free environment, residents usually contact a Raleigh pest control company to combat the problem and learn how to prevent recurring issues. Many experts can help spread the word to the schools so that more parents can be made aware ahead of time.

Home Security On The Inside


Home security systems do a great job of monitoring the home inside and out to avoid burglary, fire, or physical harm to the health. They can also do double duty to keep your kids safe and know if they are where they are supposed to be. In-home camera systems are great not only for identifying a robber but also letting you know if your child is home from school, if they brought anyone home with them (especially if they aren’t supposed to!), if they are doing their homework, and if they are doing anything unsafe. It’s an excellent tool that teaches children responsibility so that they can learn how to function without mom or dad present.

Following the Rules


Although many parents have fallen into two categories, helicopter parenting or free-range, it is important to set some safe boundaries that are age appropriate for your children regardless of parenting style. Boundaries teach children how to respect others around them, respect themselves, and keep them from harm’s way. We want to allow our children to freely engage with other people but setting a boundary early on to only do that with mom and dad is a starting point. This keeps them from falling prey to unsavory people who may do something awful. Climbing trees is a fine way to explore and be adventurous but climbing furniture or to the roof of your home isn’t. Taking medication is fine under Mom or Dad’s care but taking medication alone and/or something that is not for them is not okay.

We spend a lifetime of teaching our children how to function as individuals while appreciating their own natural disposition. One of the most important things to do is to lead by example rather than always instructing them. If they see you taking measures to protecting them and using those same measures for yourself, it will leave a lasting memory in their brains for years to come.

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