Home tests for children

Parents are often worried about various health concerns related to their children. There are many occasions ranging from injuries that require the first aid box to illnesses that need observation and care. With the ‘Do it yourself’ trend, parents are looking out for sophisticated home tests that can be used to monitor their children’s health.

The commonest child health concerns present in the form of fever. The simplest way to understand whether the child is having illness is to measure the temperature using a thermometer at home. Digital thermometers are available that can be conveniently used at home. They have a numerical display with a fever alarm, with the help of which the temperature can be accurately measured.

Some of the DIY health ways to protect children from common health concerns are

· Insect bite – Insect bite spray can be kept at home as a first aid in case of insect bite. An insect bite can be dangerous and cause intense itching, pain and swelling. The spray helps to soothe and provides relief in itching and irritation caused by the bite. The spray has disinfecting properties and helps to keep the affected area clean. It also helps in reducing swelling and the resulting pain.

Mosqito Bite

· Travel sickness – Children often suffer from travel sickness and parents also find it difficult to manage. Travel dough can be used to prevent the problem and make the child’s journey an enjoyable one. The dough is specially made based on the concept of holistic healing. In this the aroma, the color and the molding of the dough helps in providing relief from the symptoms of travel sickness. It also helps to keep stomach upset and negative emotions at bay.


· Sunscreen band – While we are aware of the increasing skin problems due to over exposure to sun rays, it is important to protect children from it. A UV sensing sunscreen band can be used to get alert regarding the overexposure in the sun. It thus tells that there is a need to get out of the sun or it is time to apply sunscreen cream once again.


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