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Women pass through different phases of life and play different roles at every stage. During every phase they face new challenges and they can be successful only if they are able to maintain good health. They should plan their roles delicately and need to take of their health for the same.

Home health tests for women can be of great help when used appropriately. There are some more health tests that can be used to detect your life phases and plan for a healthy diet and regimen.

· Ovulation test – Ovulation is the process when a mature egg is released into the female tract. It usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle and there are specific days before and after the ovulation when there are chances of conception.


With the help of ovulation test, you can be sure of the day when ovulation is taking place and it can help in planning for conception.

· Early pregnancy test – While there are tests to detect pregnancy after missing periods, this early pregnancy test can be done even before missing periods. The test is very sensitive and tests the presence of rising hormone, which occurs as soon as conception occurs.

Early Pregnancy

· Menopause test – Menopause is often termed as change of life and is the phase when a woman experiences the final menstrual periods and then stops menstruating. There are hormonal changes occurring in the body and hence many women face different symptoms like menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, mood disturbances, irritability, etc.


The menopause home test helps to detect a hormone, which remain elevated for a specific period after the last menstrual period. Using this test can help in determining this phase and planning for an appropriate diet, regimen and medical evaluation or treatment if required.

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