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You must have learnt about dental care and oral hygiene in your childhood and must be well aware of it. With the latest health trends, many new concepts and techniques are now included under the banner of oral hygiene.

Oral health care

As your dental care is in your hands, it would be worth to take note of some good dental care habits.

Brushing – It is good to brush in morning and once before bedtime taking enough time to clean the teeth. It is now proved that using a toothpaste containing fluoride and the most suitable soft brush is more beneficial.

It is also important to keep the brush in a clean place and replace it when the bristles are damaged or after every three to four months. Using a tongue cleaner is also good. Using a mouthwash to clean the oral cavity is also advised.

Flossing – Flossing is done to reach into the tiny space between the teeth and those that are very close to the base. Dental floss is available in the market and you can use them. You can break a long thread of about 18 inches. Tighten it by winding the floss around middle fingers of both the hands and leaving around 1 inch in between for the flossing.

You can pull the floss from the base of the tooth to the top using your thumb and index fingers. Use fresh part of the floss by unwinding the parts tightened in middle fingers.

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Dental check-up

Apart from the daily oral hygiene, it is important that you regularly check your teeth, gums and the oral cavity for any signs of abnormality. Some of the signs that you can look for are:

· Teeth that begin to move or shows changes in alignment

· Teeth showing signs of decay

· Sudden pain in any tooth on eating

· Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks

· Complaints of bad breath

· Gums that are sore, tender or swollen,

Watch out for gums that easily bleed

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