How to get Motivated and Stay Motivated to Regain Your Health


As we move into February, people start taking stock of their New Year’s resolutions and see how far (or not) they have come. It is a major make or break point in the quest to get fit and healthy, the February stock take, and one of the hardest times to maintain your motivation if things have not been going well. The truth is, the data on New Year’s resolutions and how many achieve them is not an optimistic reading.

Tip 1. Set and Evaluate Your Goals

Set and Evaluate Your GoalsOften the goals that have been set in January were not well thought out, or were too optimistic. Re-evaluating your goals with the knowledge you have gained over the month is in no way quitting. Evaluating where you think you can get to and setting a realistic goal based on that, is going to be the best way for you to maintain motivation, rather than trying to push yourself to reach a now unattainable goal which was set too optimistically early on.

Keep the goals specific as well. One of the biggest issues with New Year’s Resolutions is that they are not specific enough. ‘Get Fit’ is not a specific goal and due to it being so abstract, it will be hard to tie your motivation to that goal. Set specific goals and you greatly increase your chances of achieving them.

Tip 2. Create Reminders of Your Goals and Inspirations

Goals and InspirationsKeep your goals present in your mind, and use them to juice up your motivation any time you feel it is slacking. Often called Fitspiration shots, it has become a trend to find a photo which best represents what you want to look like, and keep it handy so you can always get a quick reminder of why you are doing this, and what your goal is.

Most often these fitspiration photos are of fit and attractive women as above, but they need not be. The below is a great example of a fitspiration shot, which would help motive a father to gain or regain great health and wellbeing, to be able to play with his kids.

fitspiration shotImage Source :

It is often said that most people do not have a motivation problem, or a willpower problem, they just have a problem with making the two work together. This is because if your goals are not at the top of your mind often, you will forget them and even if it is only briefly, you’ll find you make mistakes such as going down the ice cream aisle in the supermarket.

You need to have a clear reminder of your goals every day. Some set a label on the alarm of their phone, some set a wallpaper on their computer as an inspirational photo. One really nifty trick that is becoming popular is to get an inspirational image, either of the kind of body you want to achieve, or activities you want to be able to do, then open that image in Paintshop and add in a reminder of your goals or an inspirational quote. Then have that printed onto canvas from any of the many online providers and hang it where you’ll see it every day. Works wonders for motivation. There is an example above.

Tip 3. Make Achieving Your Goals As Fun As Possible

swimmingIf you love swimming, swimming is the best exercise for you. If you love walking, walking is the best exercise for you. Find a physical activity you really enjoy and make that the one you focus on even if it is not the fastest fat burning or latest fad exercise.

It is far better to go for five walks a week than one run, and that is what will happen if you do like walking and don’t like running.

So there you have it, the above tips are a great start on your way to building and maintaining the motivation needed to get yourself into gear and achieve that healthy body and lifestyle you’ve been desiring.

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