8 Ways Camping Can Provide Health Benefits

Camping Can Provide Health Benefits

No matter if you’re feeling overworked by your job, school, or home life, camping is an excellent way to relieve some stress and help you lead a longer, healthier life. Even if you’ve never tried camping before, it’s something you can do with a bit of planning and preparation. If you’re not ready to sleep in a tent or spring for an RV rental, find a park that has cabins for rent to be able to reap the benefits of an outdoor getaway. Here are 8 ways camping can help improve both your mental and physical health.

1. Get Some Fresh Air

Get Some Fresh AirDepending on where you live, being able to enjoy the fresh air might be difficult. However, when you head out to a campsite — especially one in a remote area — fresh air is a given. Being able to relax and commune with nature in an unpolluted environment can help you soothe away stresses in no time. If the woods or mountains aren’t for you, head to a campground near or on a beach. For example, there are plenty of campgrounds in Myrtle Beach that are next to or just a few miles from a variety of beautiful beaches you can visit.

2.   Soak up Some Vitamin D

Studies have proven that over 40 percent of people have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and fosters healthy cell growth. Some studies show that adequate vitamin D exposure can reduce the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressureand heart disease. Plus, time in the sun is proven to uplift people’s moods and lessen depression. You’ll want to stay safe and healthy on your camping trip, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you stay out very long.

3.   Disconnect to Reconnect

technology-free environmentThe amount of technology and constant streams of information blasting at us from all facets of life is overwhelming and can have a deteriorative effect on both eyesight and short-term memory. Allow yourself the chance to escape the constant information overload and exist for a few days in an uncluttered, technology-free environment. Put the phone down and give your senses a chance to recover. If you’re not sure you can last or have time-sensitive information to stay on top of, try and set a screen time limit or stick to a daily check-in.

4.   Improve Your Sleep

Not only does technology overload weigh down our senses, but it also can have a significantly negative impact on the ability to get a good night’s sleep. The blue light produced by screens reduces your body’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that controls your internal circadian rhythm and your sleep cycle. And the constant notifications and alerts refuse to allow your brain a break from cognitive stimulation, especially at night. Your body craves a respite from technology and camping is the perfect opportunity to fall asleep under the stars to the crackle of a fire, and wake up refreshed.

5.    Expand Your Skillset

Expand Your SkillsetIf you’re new to the hobby, it’s an opportunity to expand your skillset and conquer new challenges. Even if you’ve done it before, you’re in luck because no camping trip is ever the same. From exploring unfamiliar terrain, braving unexpected weather, cooking your own food over an open flame, hiking difficult trails or simply living without some of the comforts normally taken for granted, your problem-solving abilities are guaranteed to be put to the test.

6.   Workout in Nature’s Gym

You don’t need to add any sort of rigorous training routine during a camping trip to a get a good boost of exercise. When you’re camping, exercise can be fun and easy. Hiking the trails, going fishing, biking, walking by the river, kayaking and swimming are all perfect ways to clear your mind, get your blood flowingand, most of all, have some fun.

7.    Connect with Yourself


If you go camping with friends or family, don’t feel pressured to be constantly socially engaged. Being out in the midst of nature is the perfect time to practice deep breathing, meditation or journaling. Take the opportunity to clear your mind and focus on being present in each moment. Studies show that time spent in green environments can decrease symptoms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety by nearly 70%.

8.    Connect with Others

There’s something to be said for connecting with others, too. Being able to build memories with friends and family during unique experiences is invaluable. Genuine human connection is something that can lack in everyday life. Socialization itself can improve both brain function and memory loss. Research has also shown that families who camp together have stronger bonds and superior communication. Working as a team, struggling through adventures together, sitting around a cozy campfire, sharing storiesand watching the sunsets can bring you closer to the people you love.

Whether you’re looking to plan your next vacation or just enjoy a local weekend away, campingcan be a great choice. So go find your next adventure, and prepare to feel wholeheartedly refreshed.

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