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Camping isn’t just a break, it is also a great step for your health

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Camping is a great way to get closer to nature. You can go camping with your family or close friends, and get a chance to bond over hiking, fishing and campfires. Camping is the perfect way to get some good exercise in a fun and exciting manner. Camping gives you a good break from your humdrum life, and it also does wonders for your health. Camping for your health is possible anytime you want to, over the weekend or many weekends. It will definitely help you gain health. Here are some ways in which camping helps in improving your health:

 Breathe in oxygen


When you are camping outdoors, the first thing you notice is the clean and fresh air. The air in the countryside is free from the pollution that is part of city life. The trees and the greenery of nature outdoors provide you with ample, undiluted oxygen, which is extremely beneficial for your health. Breathing in fresh air is one of the health benefits of camping. 

Bonding with family and friends

With no TV or internet to keep you busy, you reach out to your friends, family and other camp members. You share stories sitting around the bonfire. It could be ghost stories, or sharing the problems you may be facing at work, or something new you want to start – other people too open up and this sharing brings you closer and helps you to bond. You can unwind, repair relationships and form new ones. This is very important for your emotional health, which is why camping for your health is good, for both your physical and emotional health.



Camping helps in improving your health as it forces you to be active. You have to step out of your comfort zone, forget your sedentary lifestyle and start trekking and hiking. Walking the trails around the camp exploring nature can work wonders for you. At camp, you have to set up the tent, forage for food and cook it yourself and start the campfire. All these activities help you burn a ton of calories without even feeling it. The physical activities boost your metabolism, which can help you in loosing more weight.

Getting good sleep

All the physical activities which you do at camp tire you out and you enjoy a sound sleep at night. As you can’t check your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds at all hours, they won’t hamper your sleep and you get the rest you need when you go camping. You return to your day to day life feeling refreshed and happier, due to the improvement of your sleep quality and restoration of the circadian rhythm. This is another way in which camping helps in improving your health. 

Getting enough sunshine


Out in the nature, you get your dose of natural vitamin D from the ample sunlight. From dawn till dusk, you bask in the sunshine and your body becomes healthier from the exposure to sunlight. This increases your body’s absorption of calcium and vitamin E, which is good for the teeth and bones. This makes camping for your health a good idea, especially if you can camp regularly. 

Go glamping

If you’re too much into Instagram and cannot do without sharing every detail of your life with your followers, glamping may be more to your style. You can ‘glamp’ or ‘glamour camp’ in your van, which you can design in a way that is trendy and appealing. You can have the best of both worlds, i.e. spend time in nature as well as have a space to relax and read and to take wonderful photos for your Insta feed.

Reduce stress


Being out in nature, far from your office or home which may be causing your stress, allows you to look at your problems objectively. Connecting to the people around you and sharing your problems also reduces stress, as your body produces serotonin, the happiness hormone. You become recharged and you are able to tackle any challenges when you get back.

Camping in a peaceful and relaxing environment, helps you connect with nature and your inner self. It helps you to put things in perspective. And the fun camp activities gives you the workout you need without feeling the effort, thus making camping great for your health.

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