How Sports Can Boost Your Mental Health

Sports Can Boost Your Mental Health

Of the many wonderful things about sports, the way it can improve participants’mental health has to be among the most important. Most sportspeople, whether pro or amateur, report feeling more energized, happy, fulfilled and motivated after having participated in some form of physical activity – and sports add a further layer of fun to that strong mental health boost. This article examines how your participation in sports can enhance your mental health, walking through the ways in which being active and engaged will help you achieve mental wellness.


Sports are social activitiesSports are social activities. They’re always conducted between, against and in the company of other people. Considering that humans are social creatures with a yearning for company, it should be little wonder that sports bring people together in such a way as to foster fulfilling social bonds that carry your mental health to a new level.


After you complete any form of exercise, your brain will release a chemical known as endorphins. These little molecules are essentially ‘happy chemicals’and are your body’s reward for getting out there and getting short of breath, or using your muscles. So, engaging in sport quite literally gives you more happy chemicals in your brain.


Self-EsteemSport is often conducted in a highly competitive environment. While it’s not always the case, you’ll take some form of ego boost and excitement after you perform well in your given sport. You may not have to win to achieve an increase to your self-esteem; in sport, there’s no shame in admitting you were well beaten while simultaneously thinking you performed at your best.


The more you get into a sport, the more engaged and excited you’ll become in even the simple tasks like buying equipment, watching sportspeople on television, or practicing in your ownbackyard. Finding the best golf drivers to boost your golfing game to the next level, for instance, can be as exciting as hitting a birdie out on the course. The more of yourself you invest in your sport, the more it’ll give back to you.


PhysiqueWhile one would hope we’re past the point in time that a human’s value is derived from their physique, there is something to be said for the mental health benefits of feeling a little more fit, toned and muscular. It’s why so many people hit the gym and head out on runs: to treat their body kindly, and to achieve the mental health boosts.


Finally, routine is viewed as a fundamental quality to the consistent operation of one’s mental health. Especially important for those people who suffer from anxiety, depression, low energy or a hectic lifestyle, sport can bring an important element of stability and consistency to one’s life. If you’ve got a class every Wednesday night and a game on Saturday, you’ll have some landmarks in your week to look forward to and to build the rest of your lifestyle around.

It’s clear that practicing sport has myriad benefits for your mental health, and this walk-through should hopefully inspire you to reconnect with your favorite sports in a more engaged and exciting way.

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