9 – Tips to successfully overcome muscle fatigue

successfully overcome muscle fatigue

After a heavy workout, muscle soreness is a common thing. Intense workout, weight lifting also comes with fatigue in the muscle. Somedays, you feel energetic to go to a gym and do intense workouts. But, some days are dull and boring, and you do not feel to go to a gym and perform the intense exercises. You need to know the proper way to overcome muscle fatigue. It will give you the best possible way to take care of your muscle, and this will give you energy. Also, it will make you ready for the next day exercise.

Here are the tips for you to follow on how to overcome muscle fatigue:’

1.     Coffee

woman drinking coffee

Consumption of caffeine is scientifically proven that it helps to overcome muscle fatigue. It has analgesic, which has the properties of pain killing. Have a cup of coffee before a workout. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and good for weight loss. Many dieticians include coffee in the diet chart.

2.     Eat Tart Cherries

Marathoners have tart cherry juice 5 days before the race, on the day of the race and 48 hours after the race. It is a way through which you can reduce muscle soreness. The athletes show good improvement in muscle function and recovery. It is rich in antioxidant colorful compounds and anthocyanins. It works like magic and reduces excess inflammation. Good nutrition is very important when you are under a regular training session. Tart cherries act as an extra boost in your daily diet.

3.     Massage

MassageTo reduce muscle soreness, you can visit a spa. It is one of the best relaxing ways that you can ever think of. Getting a massage after an intense workout reduces pain helps you get the intense benefit of the massage. When someone massages the muscle, it contains a large number of blood vessels, and this increases the power of recovery.  Immediate massage is much effective and reduces fibrosis.  Delaying in massage will not do any good.        

4.     Recovery workouts

After the intense workout, do not forget to perform recovery workouts. It will reduce the soreness and boost the energy in the muscles. Light handed recovery workouts increase the flow of the blood. The person will feel relaxed and happy after the intense workouts.

5.     Rolling Foam

IT-band-foam-rolling-excerciseIt is a type of massage that relieves muscle tension in the connective tissue. If you roll your muscle like a dough, then you can overcome muscle fatigue quickly. Also, it will improve the performance of your next workouts. Each day spend 10 to 15 minutes in the foam roller to improve the muscle strength.

6.     Stretching

Warm-up stretch routine is a must before any workout. It will prepare your body for the workout and reduce the muscle soreness. Static stretches are effective. Also, dynamic stretches like walking lunges and swinging legs are great. So, you should perform regular stretching so that you can avoid muscle soreness and pain. It will prepare your body for a great exercise routine.

7.     Warm the muscle before weight training

weight trainingJumping straight to the weight training when you hit the gym is a wrong idea.  Your muscle needs preparation before you lift heavy weight. Warm-up like jump rope or jumping jack is must prepare the muscle for the workout. Also, following proper diet tips is important to reduce the fatigue in the muscle. You should eat in the portion before any workout or else it can real danger. So, make sure you follow all the rules nicely, and it will stop all the problems, and you will not face any muscle soreness.

8.     Correct form of exercise

Doing exercise in the correct form is also very important. If you are choosing weight, then you should always remember that the correct way to lift weight is essential to overcome muscle fatigue. If you do not have an idea on how to lift weight and do the exercise, then take the help of your trainer and perform the exercise. It will help you to get right posture while doing exercise.

9.     Hydration


You need to keep yourself hydrated before, and throughout the workout. It will prevent cramping, and it will decrease inflammation even after the exercise. If your workout leads you to excessive sweating, then you need to have sports beverage to hydrate with water. But, don’t consume lots of water unnecessarily at one shot. You need to be patient while doing exercise.

After Workout Muscle Treatment

1.     Take Ice Bath

If you are done with your tough workout, then take a jump into an ice bath for at least 10 minutes. It is scientifically proven that cold baths reduce muscle soreness and gives you complete relief. Most athletes prefer this idea after a workout to keep away all the muscle tension away.

2.     Follow healthy diet

healthy dietDiet tips are good for you because then you will not end up eating bad food. It will control your body, weight, and give you a healthy mind. So, do not worry and enjoy your colorful plate in a measured portion.

3.     Use Heat Pad

Later in the day, use a heating pad to reduce muscle pain. The heat acts as a relief, and it will reduce all the pains. It gives a calming effect for your muscle.

4.     Extra Rest

Extra RestIf you are suffering from too much muscle pain, then taking extra rest is advisable. It will give you all the strength, and you will feel energetic. So, do not worry, and make sure that you do not give too much pressure on the muscle. Rather take enough rest.

Final Words

Nothing comes easy, and you need to work hard to achieve your goal. It will give you more power to achieve the targets. Hence, it is important that you should religiously follow all the steps and keep your muscles in a good condition.

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