11 – Highly unconventional ways to lose weight

ways to lose weight

Losing weight is no joke. You have to put in a lot of effort and time to get the results you want. Plus, it takes a toll when you can’t eat what you want anymore. Despite all this, you, along with many others, may not lose as much weight as you should. This can be quite frustrating and you may even be thinking of quitting. Don’t quit just yet, as there are some unconventional ways to help you lose weight, along with your exercise and diet control. Check them out.

11 – Unconventional ways to lose weight

1.     Break up

Find out the one thing which you can’t resist, which you know that makes you gain weight. It could be chocolates, pizza, cocktails, crisps or beer. Break up with your favorite junk food and don’t even look at it. If people around you are indulging in your favorite unhealthy food, move away and sit somewhere else, or ask them not to eat that in front of you. This is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly.

2.     Copy the habits of a person who is naturally thin

There are some people who we all envy. They seem to eat whatever they want and still not gain any weight. One of the tricks that work is copying the habits of naturally thin people (NFP). Because, if you look closely, you will notice that NFP do eat all sorts of things, including junk food, they will eat only a little of it. They take tiniest of mouthfuls and take their time chewing. So they make the yummy food last and do not feel the need to eat more. Copying NFP is certainly rather unconventional ways to lose weight and most effective.

3.     Give the cookies to the cookie girl

Another of the unconventional ways to lose weight is to refuse the cookies and other baked goods which the little girls and boys come to sell. I’m not saying don’t buy them, do buy the cookies and help out their endeavor, but instead of keeping the cookies give it back to the children as a gift! They may choose to eat them or sell them, but at least you won’t binge on them and gain weight rather than lose.

4.     Get yourself one standing desk

It seems just standing and doing your work can burn calories, upto 50 calories per hour! So at work or at home, work at your standing desk for about 3-4 hours. You can burn upto 200 additional calories with this most effective weight loss trick.

5.     Drink black coffee

We all need something to perk us up during the day. Black coffee without sugar is the best substitute for high calorie beverages, smoothies or other drinks. It will suppress your appetite and it can get you moving due to the high calorie content. You might fidget more, and this fidgeting too can help to burn about 100 calories every day. Not Bad! One of the more unconventional ways to lose weight quickly, and easy to accomplish.

6.     Take somebody else’s dog for a walk

Offer to take your elderly neighbor’s dog for a walk. This will fix a regular time for you to walk, and do a good turn to someone as well. You can try a new part-time profession of being a dog walker too! Great idea to lose weight quickly isn’t it?

7.     Get up and get that glass of water

taste of waterOne of the tricks that work is not to have water or other drinks sitting on the desk. According to latest research, you’re anyway supposed to move once an hour or less to boost productivity. When you go to get a glass of water or a cup of black coffee from the kitchen or office pantry, you would not only lose weight but also improve your productivity.

8.     Wear comfy shoes

Guess what an effective weight loss trick is? It’s wearing comfortable shoes, even though they may not be as stylish as your high heels. Wearing comfy shoes will inspire you to move around more, for example, taking the stairs, or go for a walk at lunch or standing up and pacing while talking on the phone. Instead of emailing, stand up and go and discuss with your colleagues in person.

9.     Cook your meals

cookingEating out is a little dicey because in fast food restaurants you’ll be eating loads of fats and calories, and even in the better ones, some sugar, butter and fats are used to add to the taste. Besides, you spend a lot of money when you eat out. To eat healthy, learn how to make a few tasty, healthy meals.

Add vegetables and lean meats and eat enough of them. A small amount of carbohydrate should be included in your meals, as carbohydrates will provide energy to the body. Use healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil. If you do not have problems like high blood pressure, then black olives can be used as garnish. Walnuts and almonds too are great for weight loss, but consume little amounts at a time.

Cooking involves standing and moving, again helping in your fight against weight.

Buy multi-grain bread instead of white or brown. Make yourself eat at least one meal of oats (without sugar or milk), and add some fruits like apples and oranges. Stick to low calorie fruits.

10. Eat on blue plates

Scientists say that eating from a blue plate deters you from overeating. Cornell University’s research states that blue makes the food look less delicious and so you eat less.

11.  Eat a lot of protein

tunaEating more protein, especially in the form of lean meats, fish and lentils will allow to feel full and keep the calories low. Experts suggest 1.5 – 1.8 grams per kilo of your bodyweight is adequate for the body. Proteins are digested while you are eating them, so you tend to feel full sooner. So, eating more proteins will make you feel satiated than high carb or high fat meals.

Keep your conventional and unconventional efforts to lose weight to yourself. There are all kinds of people, and some may take great delight in trying to derail your diet. If someone guesses, then just deny it and continue doing what you’re doing till you achieve your goal.

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