How Physical Activity Can Improve Your Relationship

Benefits of regular exercise are unquestionably numerous. People work out to lose weight, keep fit, improve their health, and even reduce stress levels. According to psychologists, the connection between partners who exercise together is much stronger. Going to the gym together with your loved one is more amusing than exercising alone. Moreover, it influences your romantic relationship in a positive way. Guys behind romancecompass decided to find out more about the connection between joint workouts and the quality of a relationship. Here are some of their findings.

Mutual attraction intensifies

Young couple at the gym

Even two strangers involved in one and the same physical activity gradually get drawn to each other. This is because their bodies turn on and it stimulates attraction. When two loving partners exercise together, they change their attitude to their relationship – they become a team and they feel this unity. So, if you want to improve the quality of your relationship, join a gym, take dance classes, or become morning runners.

Your workouts become more efficient

Have you ever noticed that you are more energetic and productive when your partner is around? When the presence of your loved one challenges and inspires you, you want to be better without even consciously realizing it. Also, there is always room for competition between partners, so a bit of rivalry will only make you perform better.

Your love thrives

The state of your body during physical activities resembles your body during sexual arousal: your palms are sweaty, your pulse is rapid, and you gasp for air. These are the same “symptoms” we observe when we fall in love or make love. Very often we confuse physical arousal (infatuation) with love and this is where you can take advantage of this controversy to facilitate your relationship. Simply ask your partner to exercise with you.

You breathe in the same air

We feel an instant attraction when he or she mimics our gestures and automatically adjusts to the tempo of our speech. These are surefire signs of their interest in us. Speaking about romantic relationships, when partners do the same things and do it simultaneously as if mirroring each other, they feel a stronger bond. Physical activities give you an opportunity to mimic your partner. You can run at the same pace, lift weights in the same rhythm, and feel like one organism. Apart from improving your health, you strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

It’s an excuse to be together

man and woman with dumbbells in gym

Going for a bike ride or going to the gym is a great alternative to staying at home and watching movies. Spend your weekend with your loved one actively. Again, when you do something jointly, you develop the team spirit in that equals to building a healthier relationship.

It positively influences your sex life

One of the ways to boost your sex drive is to start exercising regularly. Physical activity will make you “hot-blooded” since it increases blood flow to different parts of your body, including genitals. Released endorphins (hormones of happiness) will make you feel energetic and vivacious. Also, some people feel sexier when their muscles are in tone.

It quells aggression

It’s a well-known fact that people who work out regularly are less aggressive simply because they get rid of negativity during physical activity. As a result, they are calmer and more balanced with their partners.

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