Steer Clear From Tinnitus With Convenient Home Remedies

When you hear unexplained noise or ringing in the head constantly, get yourself checked. You might be suffering from tinnitus, which can be either subjective or objective. The causes of tinnitus are varied and may include injuries in ear, head and neck, prolonged exposure to loud noises, blockage caused by earwax, excessive medication and hearing loss emanating from growing age. Medical assistance is a must, but you can perhaps also make use of a few home remedies. Here, we are discussing few effective home remedies that can help address your condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

Apple cider vinegar and apples over white wooden background

Given its antifungal properties, apple cider vinegar can be the solution for your tinnitus issues. It can cure your underlying ear infection effectively and promptly, eliminating chances of tinnitus. An added advantage of apple cider vinegar is its ability to balance alkaline levels. Preparing the solution is as easy as to follow. Take a glass of water, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey, and mix it well. Take the solution at least two times a day for a month and you are likely to get rid of the constant ringing in your head.

Onion Juice

Sliced Red Onion

Onion is a popular home remedy against a variety of ailments, including tinnitus. Besides being rich in Vitamin C and A, onion comes loaded with chromium and quercetin. In synergy, they support your immune system, keep blood sugar levels in check, reduce allergic responses and prevent free radicals from playing havoc with the inner ear.

To remain safe from tinnitus and its ramifications, all you need to do is extract onion juice using appropriate kitchen appliances and carefully drip few drops into the ear. For better results, take the onion juice for a minimum of three times a day without fail for a week.


Japanese pumpkin on white background

One of the prominent reasons for tinnitus is deficiency of Vitamin A. So, going for a vitamin A rich diet will help your cause big time. You can include pumpkin in your diet, which is not only rich in vitamin A but easily available as well. You are free to either consume it as a salad or as ear drops. Consistent intake of pumpkin allows for correct functioning of cochlea, which is the inner part of the ear that receives and transmits sounds.



Humans are familiar with the healing properties of ginger for ages. You too can try it out to contain your ear concerns, including tinnitus. If taken in appropriate proportions, ginger can help streamline your blood circulation in the ear, do away with disease causing microorganisms and restrict the growth of free radicals.

Also, ginger can help reduce severe pain generally associated with tinnitus. You should incorporate the herbaceous perennial in your salad for better results. However, if ginger does not interest your taste buds, prefer taking ginger tea, which is equally effective and tastes way better.


Banana chips

Wax buildup can also be a potent cause for tinnitus and several other ear issues. Not only ear wax hinders sound reception in the ear but also harbors bacteria that are the causative agents of tinnitus. Here plantain can come to your rescue big time, as it serves as an efficient cleansing agent for earwax and pathogens.

You can apply plantain directly to the ear with a help of a cotton swab or drink it with water. If you prefer the latter option, then take a glass of water and add a couple of tablespoons of plantain to it. be consistent with its intake for a minimum of 7 weeks to keep tinnitus and other hearing issues at bay.

If you are suffering from Tinnitus, experimenting with home remedies is always an option. These remedies can be efficient and cost-effective.

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