Remedies To Get The Better Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, more commonly known as CTS, is an occupational hazard impacting your hand, and its movements and functions. You are vulnerable to the dreaded disease if your hand is subjected to repetitive trauma, which leads to excessive pressure on the wrist’s median nerve. Resultantly, you end up with itching, numbness and pain ranging from mild to severe.  If left unattended, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can do irreparable harm to nerves and eventually hamper hand’s functionality. If you want to get rid of the condition with non-surgical ways, continue reading the article. 

Apply ice packs regularly

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For instant relief, you can rely on ice pack, as it eases the pain and allow you to attend to your daily chores. All you need to do is get a handful of ice cubes and in a clean cloth and place it gently on the hand area where the sensation is more profound for 10 to 15 minutes. In case of severe pain, you can tie the ice pack on your wrist. Besides providing a prolonged relief from the pain, the ice pack thus placed will put a stop to inflammation.

Ensure ergonomics when using the computer

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It is an established fact that individuals working on computers for long durations are more susceptible to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The reason for their vulnerability is the repetitive trauma that their hands undergo while typing or doing other related activities.

Since your job demands working on computers, the situation calls for ergonomic measures.  You can start by installing ergonomic keypad, which will relieve the median nerve from excessive stress and hence, eliminate chances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Rest your hand

 Rest your hand

As soon as you feel any sensation, numbness or pain, better stop any activity, which is supposedly causing the symptoms, for a brief while. This is the signal that your hand and wrist need rest. If you prefer to ignore the symptoms, the condition may aggravate further. Resume activities only when the pain and other related symptoms subside. Always maintain straightness in your wrist position during the entire course of the activity.

Incorporate B6, Riboflavin in your diet 

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B6 serves as a diuretic and hence, can help your cause. It drains out excessive fluids from your body and provides the much needed relief from pain. Currently, several B6 supplements are on the market. So, availability is not an issue but quality is. Prefer buying nutrition supplements from certified manufacturer, failing which you may jeopardize your overall health and wellbeing. More importantly, consult your physician prior to use and stick to the prescribed dosage. Otherwise, you might end up with severe symptoms like rashes and sunlight sensitivity.

Be correct with your sleeping position

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Given the prominence of symptoms in night, people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often find it hard to sleep. Resultantly, they are more prone to serious sleeping disorders. The prime reason for this is the awkward positions that we get into conveniently while sleeping. You cannot keep wrists straight while sleeping unless the sleeping positions are appropriate. You have to ensure that the wrist is lies flat on the bed in a straight position.


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General workout in conjunction with specific exercises can keep you safe from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. Moving your body in the right ways will strengthen your muscles, ensure prolonged relief and allow you to work for longer hours on computers without much discomfort. You can do certain exercises while sitting in your working stations like getting your hands straight and rotating them first clock and then anti-clock wise.

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