Fight Depression With These Proven DIY Techniques


Depression can adversely impact the overall health and wellbeing of an individual making him vulnerable to a bevy of disorders. It is extremely important to seek medical help, there is no good substitute for professional advice and diagnosis. There are certain techniques that one could try – preferably after consultation with their therapist. If you too are experiencing mild depression, the article will interest you. Here, we intend to offer insight into few DIY techniques that help you retain your calm.    

Include exercise in your daily routine

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If a study published in the journal Neurology is something to go by, physical exercise is a great way of keeping stress at bay. Its inference was based on the fact that exercise triggers the release of endorphins that act as natural anti-depressant.

Setting aside at least 30 minutes for workout each day will not only help you bring down stress levels considerably, but also strengthen muscles and tone the body. For safety reasons, consult your physician prior to committing to any routine. However, if gym training is not your cup of tea, make sure that you take a walk each morning, as it will keep your stress levels in check.

Get sleep

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Due to busy schedules, people often compromise with their sleep. Consequently, their productivity suffers and they eventually fall prey to depression. So, it is in your best interest to devote at least seven to eight hours to sleep and wake up rejuvenated. If you have a problem in catching sleep, maintaining sleep hygiene is recommended. Avoid intake of caffeine after supper and refrain from watching TV or working on a PC before going to bed. Taking a short walk or reading a book can make you fall asleep conveniently.

Mindfulness exercises

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Contrary to the general perception, mindfulness and meditation are not similar. While meditation focuses on elevating consciousness, mindfulness involves cleansing the mind from negative emotions.

Since mindfulness is all about taking care of the present, the practitioner is better equipped to fight depression and its cognitive symptoms, such as absentmindedness and imprecise thinking. Apparently, mindfulness techniques will not only help counter depression but also increase your competence and productivity significantly.

Go outside

nature walk

Keeping yourself within the confines of four walls more often can be a cause of depression, at least a study conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science states so. The study states that spending two hours in nature can bring down subgenual prefrontal cortex’s activity. This part of the brain is largely responsible for exaggeration of negative thoughts.

Spending time outdoors can also help contain Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more often referred to as ADHD. The same outcome may not be possible when you are walking on a busy road or unwinding indoors, the study further reveals.

Eat well, eat in time

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Not only physical but mental health as well depends on our dietary habits. You need to feed the belly at regular intervals to keep your body and mind in a proper working condition. Avoid overeating at all times. However, quality of intake is also vital. Hence, choose your diet judiciously. Always take a balanced diet and avoid indulgent meals, since they can cause mental stress. Prefer fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Rich in omega-3s, fish is another good option if you are serious about staving off mental stress and boosting energy levels.

You can keep stress and depression managed with few proven do-it-yourself techniques that are easy to follow and deliver desired results.

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