How Borderline Personality Disorder Can Impact College

A borderline person is the one that suffers from the instability of his internal impulses and feelings. People with such health problem have defects in process of information perception and interpretation, which refers especially to emotions. They can exaggerate emotions and reactions and act like it is normal. For them, they are not in trouble and the environment is in charge of what happens.

Thus, it is unbearably complicated to live, work or study with borderline people. They are not capable of dealing with their problems, like essay writing. They need some help with the question “Who can write a paper for me?”, because they are much stronger than they think they are. The fact is that people with Borderline Personality Disorder are emotionally like 4-5 year kids. But these kids have reactions of mature adults that can frighten others. Nearly 2 from 100 people have Borderline Personality Disorder that means that you find even college group mate has such diagnosis. It is important to know how to help someone with borderline personality disorder because there is no certain medical treatment for them.

They can undergo therapies, but without proper support and care efforts of a psychotherapist will be vain. As this disease influence all spheres of person`s life, it has an impact on education too.

Symptoms of borderline personality

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Patients with borderline disorder usually have unstable relationships, low self-esteem and troubles with impulsive behaviour. All of these things can start in adolescence, at the moment they enter the college.

In general, the basic characteristic of Borderline Disorder is a fear of being rejected and abandoned even if there is no visible menace of it. This fear can lead to fierce attempts to reject people before they reject you. This put great obstacles for Borderline people to build sustainable, strong and healthy relationships with people.

Actions that are immanent for Borderline people


  • Makes desperate attempts to avoid real or imaginary rejection;
  • Goes to extremes in reactions. Can rapidly switch from admiration and passion to grouch and hatred.
  • Has unstable image of his personality and is uncertain in his identity;
  • Makes impulsive actions like excessive money waste, frequent and unsafe sex with various partners, binge drinking, taking up a drug habit, overnutrition and unsafe driving at a fast speed.
  • Has a series of suicidal thoughts and even commit multiple attempts to end life;
  • Frequent (in short period of time) changes in mood. Borderline person instantaneously switches from euphoria to the feeling of depression, irritation and disturbance.
  • Has a constant feeling of spiritual bankruptcy;
  • Has problems with rage control and tends to be involved in fights;
  • Sometimes has a feeling of suspiciousness in relation to other that can be even paranoid.
  • Loses the feeling of reality.

On the first sight, it seems that any interaction with such person may end with misunderstanding and conflicts. However, you cannot always detect a borderline person because he is not always in critical position. These people can study in the college, can find a work, a partner, and even create a family if they acknowledge their disorder and make efforts to control it. A good thing that they can do to save themselves is to obtain habits that serve to successful mental and physical well-being. Now, let’s dwell on specifics of living of a borderline person that goes to college.

The cannot feel the taste of college parties

 Enjoying Champagne

Being a student is not only about studying. A new world of entertainments opens in front of them. Student years without crazy and epic parties seem to be wasted. But for borderline people a regular hang out menaces with the aggravation of harmful symptoms. They do want to go out on a Friday night but they must deal with a heap of internal pain that they experience among people who are healthy and look completely untroubled (when it is not always for sure).

They want to be exceptional

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They can be mislead with false thoughts and expect more from the community it can give in reality. For example, they may want a professor see them as superior students even if their performance is far from being excellent. So, when the teacher does not show the expected attitude a borderline student can flare up again. He can burst with impulsive actions because he may have idolized his teacher and treat him as a close person. But even a little negative attitude from him can hurt a struggling student as an unalloyed treason. The truth is that borderline personality disorder and relationships drives a person with regular ups and downs as a rollercoaster.

There appear more reasons for self-damaging behaviour 

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Every person can find a reason to get drunk. Every student can find a motive to get engaged in accidental adventures that may not end well. For borderline people such actions are reasons of desire to fight their feelings or fill the emptiness inside with self-damaging behaviour. They want to hurt themselves before someone else does it. This can lead to tragic consequences.

They can be excellent students

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You can`t even notice a person that ended university with honours and was one of university ambassadors had some psychotic defects. But it is much harder for them to reach such achievements as for healthy people. Because they must live, visit lessons, exist with constant burden of crippling effects. Sudden fears of abandonment and rejection can interfere during the lab work, exam preparation and  final test. They can consider themselves to be not worthy to study among healthy people and to get excellent results. But if they get proper personality disorder treatment their education will not be a waste of time.

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