Healthy ways for treating yourself in the New Year

After the holidays, it’s time to decompress and refocus for the New Year. The past season might have been packed with fun living, hearty foods, busy shopping trips, and numerous visits to friends and family. You may have had a wonderful time, but even all of that fun can put stress on your body. Here is a list of a few things you can do to treat yourself in the New Year.

  1. Get some sleep


If you have spent a lot of time sitting on planes and partying all night, you may already know you need sleep. However, regardless of whether you feel tired or not, you should still concentrate on getting the appropriate amount of rest. An adequate amount of sleep varies from person to person, but getting a set amount of sleep regimented into your routine will have tremendous health benefits, including a better mood and slower signs of aging. We are also rapidly approaching flu season, so sleep is integral to boosting your immune system.

  1. Protect yourself from the Flu

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Sleep is only one of the many ways you need to protect yourself from the flu this season. Whether or not you decide to get the flu shot, you should still maintain a diet rich in vitamins that will help you. For extra help, supplements such as Airborne will keep your immune system in check. In addition, be mindful of places and activities where the virus may be especially present. The gym, for example, will be a place rife with germs. During flu season, the virus can be passed through the gym equipment, such as on the handlebars of a stationary bike. Make sure that you bring your own sweat cloth and that you wash your hands before touching your face. If you start to feel the signs of a cold or flu come on, avoid places like the gym for a few days until conditions improve.

  1. Treat your skin

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A new skin care regimen might be right for you this season, especially if you are prone to skin conditions during the winter months. Start by hydrating yourself regularly and using an oil-based moisturizer to maintain hydration in the skin. Furthermore, avoid harsh exfoliation because it will inflame and possibly dry out the skin in what is already a dry season.

  1. Get a massage

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If you need some motivation to power you through the first of the year, treat yourself to a massage. The stress that has built up over the year can tighten muscles, especially around the shoulders and back if you sit at a desk all day. A simple massage can bring immense relaxation physically and mentally so that you can take on the New Year with a renewed peace of mind.

  1. Introduce a new fitness regimen

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Whether or not you have made a resolution to get more fit this year, treating yourself to a new fitness regimen may be the medicine you didn’t know you needed. You may not love it now, but setting a routine for yourself can enhance your quality of life. Find a new form of fitness that you enjoy, whether it be weightlifting, running, or a low-impact exercise such as yoga. Everybody has different needs and different capabilities, so find a form of workout that suites your needs and lifestyle.

  1. Eat well

Two Young Women
Two Young Women

Give yourself the gift of a new diet this year. You may not need to radically change your diet with severe restrictions, but small changes can make all the difference. Every year, new fads enter the market that can make decision-making on what to eat seem confusing. But this year you can make a difference simply by reducing processed sugars and introducing fruits and vegetables in creative ways.

If you need more assistance, contact a nutritionist who can accurately assess what you need so you can find delicious meals for you and your family.

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