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Get Rid of TMJ symptoms with the best high-tech treatments

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Dentistry has evolved considerably over the past few years. Every day we see brand new opportunities in it. Nowadays, people are opting for a surgery in order to correct their facial features. It might seem impossible, but sometimes a thing as trivial as your biting position might make you suffer from TMJ pain in future. Not only this is true, it is also a very common phenomenon. TMJ is temporomandibular disorder. It causes tenderness in jaw muscle or jaw joint. There is no definite reason behind it. But in some cases it has been observed that TMJ arises due to factors such as arthritis or injury. It could also be genetic. Apart from these, other factors include excessive use of chewing gum, poor postures and stress. You shouldn’t ignore if you suffer from any such pain as it might become unbearable in future.

TMJ symptoms


There are a number of TMJ symptoms. They might vary from person to person.

  • Pain in the jaw

If you feel extreme pain and tenderness in the jaw then it might be due to TMJ. You must see a dentist to get the exact cause.

  • Temporomandibular joints pain

Another symptom is pain in either one or both the temporomandibular joints.

  • Difficulty in chewing

If you are finding it extremely hard and painful to chew your food then it might be because of the sensitivity caused by TMJ.

  • Facial pain

Ache on the facial bone or different parts of the face can also be an indication of TMJ. Before it gets too harsh on you, it is better if you consult a dentist.

  • Pain in arching area near the ears

Not only you feel pain while chewing, but you also feel an intense pain in the parts surrounding your ears.

  • Joint locking

This is one of the chief TMJ Symptoms. Your jaw joints get locked making it impossible for you to either open or close your mouth.

TMJ treatments

If you feel a tremendous amount of pain in your jaws and the areas surrounding it, then without any delay you must visit a doctor. In case you are diagnosed with TMJ then there are a number of available treatments that you can choose from. Not only these treatments will bring a relief but they will also help you in correcting the structure of your teeth, which in turn will also ensure that you do not suffer from any jaw related problems in future. There are a number of household remedies for TMJ, but they’ll only provide a temporary relief from it, they won’t cure it. Hence, in most of the cases, a TMJ surgery is recommended as it completely cures the problem.

Benefits of TMJ correction

A wide variety of benefits are related to TMJ correction.

  • Feeling younger

It is an important aspect of the treatment. Patients look and feel younger after a TMJ treatment. It changes a lot of facial features and it can leave you with an impressive look.

  • Better chewing ability

Better chewing ability

This is the major benefit that TMJ correction/surgery offer. After a few days of the surgery, you will be able to chew your food properly and it would stop harming your jaw.

  • Clenching of teeth

It is a common aspect of the disease. In TMJ, we tend to grind and clench our teeth when we are asleep. This and all the other TMJ Symptoms can be eradicated with a TMJ correction surgery.

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