What should you know about Sinus?

know about Sinus

You might have often heard your family and friends talking about sinus. Sinuses are some connected hollow cavities in your skull, which are not much large in size and comprise a very small portion of your skull. Even the largest sinus cavities are of an inch across in the skull whereas the others are even smaller in size.

Cavity facts that you should be aware of

know about Sinus

The maxillary sinuses, which are known as the largest sinuses, which are present in your cheekbones. Frontal sinuses are the sinus cavities present at the low-center of your forehead where some people feel pain often.

  • Ethmoid Sinuses are located between your eyes.
  • Sphenoid sinuses are located at the bones present behind your nose.
  • Sinuses are lined with pink colored soft tissue called as Mucosa.
  • The hollow cavities of sinuses are empty except for the mucus which is often present in the sinus.

Understanding different types of Sinusitis

  • Chronic Sinusitis: The continuous inflammation process of the sinus, which is more than a series of infections, is known as chronic sinusitis.
  • Acute Sinusitis: This is the most commonly occurring kind of sinusitis in humans. We will be discussing the symptoms in detail later but acute sinusitis occurs because of the attack of viruses, fungi, bacteria that infect the sinus cavity and cause inflammation.
  • Deviated Septum: The septum, which divides the nose, is often at one side or too deviated. This can cause the airflow to be blocked.
  • Hay fever: The defences in the sinuses overreact when allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and pollen attacks irritate a person. This usually results in mucus, nasal stuffiness, itching and sneezing in the body.
  • Nasal Polyps: When inflammation from chronic sinuses, asthma and nasal allergies occur, it results into Nasal Polyps.

Sinusitis in medical terms is widely known as Rhinosinusitis. This usually occurs as a result of a sinus infection in the nasal cavities when they become swollen, infected and inflamed.

Common Symptoms of Sinusitis

know about Sinus

Pain: The sinuses are located at different areas behind and between your eyes, nose and forehead. These areas ache badly when a person suffers from an infection in the sinuses. When the sinuses ache with a dull pressure, the inflammation and swelling are usually the main causes for it.

Nasal Discharge: Due to nasal discharge in sinus infection, you have to blow your nose often, which is in the color of cloudy, yellow or green. The nasal discharge occurs from the infected sinuses while draining from the Nasal passages.

Sinus Headaches: The sinus cavities in the head are often ached due to the relentless pressure and swelling in the sinuses. This may also give you earaches, dental aches and jaw and cheek pain.

It is highly recommended for people to consult a professional doctor in case of any symptom or occurrence of an infection in the sinuses as soon as possible.

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