Face-Off: Revealing the ins and outs of currently popular meal replacement shakes

popular meal replacement shakes

Several years ago, diet shakes, also known as meal replacement shakes, became an instant hit among athletes and fitness-addicts; the trend continues to this day even. The users understood the advantages of these products that led to the increase in number of health brands dealing in such solutions. Nowadays, there is a horse-load of meal replacement products, protein shakes and other types of diet supplements available to spoil health-conscious folks for choices.

Such options make it difficult to choose the products among several available, which could further go with the needs of users. Just to make the entire process easier for them, we are providing a neutral review of five meal replacement shakes that you can buy in stores or online. Readers can find more information about these products on websites, such as, which are quite unbiased with their approach.

Herbalife Formula 1

This brand is well known and hence popular; even then, the shake produced by Herbalife Company is quite a debatable product. Almost a quarter of its ingredients are soy-based. Being a meal replacement, Formula 1 offers insufficient amount of protein. One serving provides 9 grams of it. At the same time, sugar content is overstated at 9 grams. The main positive feature of the shake is its low price, as you can buy Herbalife Formula 1 for $35.


First, we are going to highlight the price of Shakeology, because it is the main drawback of this shake. A month’s supply of the product costs around $130. The ingredients of this particular meal replacement shake are mostly organic. The main concern, however, includes high levels of fructose, which supplies too much sugar per serving (6 grams). Due to 160 calories and sufficient 18 grams of protein in each serving, Shakeology ensures effective appetite reduction. Unfortunately, the price and high sugar spoil the overall impression of the product.

Lean Shake

Despite of 180 calories provided by Lean Shake in each serving, the protein supply is rather low that reads 9 grams only. Besides, the protein used in the shake comes from milk concentrate. The sugar content is also low that is both advantage and flaw, because the taste of the shake is unsatisfactory; however, the product suppresses craving satisfactorily. Besides, the price of the shake is very attractive at $35 for a month’s supply.

YES Shake

The shake produced by Yoli is an organic meal replacement. It provides decent nutritional values, such as protein (12 grams), caloric content (80 calories), sugar (2 grams) etc. The quality of YES Shake’s ingredients is quite high. The main issue with this product is its price. The shake comes within a diet kit including an energy drink and a blend of minerals, probiotics, and fiber.

18 Shake

As per user’s reviews, this solution is probably one of the best choices for your meal replacement products. 18 Shake is a safe product, each serving of which provides decent nutritional value for effective appetite suppression. Furthermore, users can enjoy its great taste without shelling out a fortune for this; it is priced perfectly at just $60.

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