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A good sex life is very important for a person. We all know that sex is beneficial in many ways. While there are various supplements available to enhance the pleasure of having sex, you also have some foods for an active sex life .

Foods that women can eat to enhance their sex life

We all know the importance of sex for women. Not only does it helps in the prevention of cancer and reduces their stress levels; however, it also helps to maintain a good emotional balance. Well, for those who are looking for a natural way to make their life more happening, here are some special foods for women that will improve their sex life.

  1. Green tea

Green tea

This may sound strange, however, green tea does help to improve your sex life. Not only does it help to reduce weight and enhance the functionality of the liver, however, it also helps to improve the flow of blood. Apart from that, it helps in increasing the size of blood vessel size and it also prevents the blood vessels from getting inflamed or damaged.

  1. Pesto sauce

For women who want to increase the zinc levels in their body for an active sex life, having pesto sauce is a good choice. This is because, the pine nuts present in the sauce are a very great source of Zinc.

  1. Fatty Fish

Another name in the list of foods that are good for women would be fatty fish. Tuna, sardines, wild salmon and various other coldwater fish are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. However, did you know that fish could help you in improving your sex life? Wondering how? Well, the answer simple. Fishes contain Dopamine, which helps women to connect more easily with their partners and relaxes them.

  1. Dark chocolate


Chocolate lovers will love this option without a doubt. In the list of special foods for women that will improve their sex life dark chocolate does not fall behind in the benefits it holds. Not only does it help in relaxing the blood vessels, it also helps to reduce the stress levels and improves the blood flow to the right regions. We also know that dark chocolate sauce is a perfect way to excite your women during an intercourse, so why not make use of all the benefits at the same time.

Foods to improve the sex life in men

Just as how it is important for women to have a good sex life, similarly, even men have special foods that can help them out. Let us have a look at the foods that can help men improve their sex life

  1. Spinach


Greens are good for health; however eating Spanish can benefit men in many ways. A rich source in minerals, which help to increase the blood flow and decrease blood vessel inflammation. Spinach is a perfect and natural replacement to Viagra as it helps in the arousal of the penis.  This is why it is in the list of foods to improve the sex life in men.

  1. Bananas

Men who want to reduce or control their sodium levels and aim for a healthy heart can benefit a lot by eating bananas.  Not only is this fruit a good source of potassium, however, it also helps to reduce heart problems and improve the sex life in men.

  1. Tomato


If you are looking for ways to reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well as to improve the shape of your sperm, then tomatoes is the right food for you. Not only does it consist of antioxidants, which reduces the toxins in the body, however, it also helps in controlling cell and DNA damage. It helps men to have normal sperms.

  1. Potatoes

If men want to improve their bedroom action as well as to increase their potassium intake, then potatoes are a perfect option.  This vegetable helps to boost the blood circulation in the right places and to reduce the bloating cased due to excess salt.

While the list of foods for an active sex life can go on, however, the list of foods mentioned above can be consumed by both men and women if they want to get benefitted by them.  Not only are they natural sources of various minerals, but also offer better results than any other artificial supplement that you may consider to improve your sex life.

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